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    Jun 25
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    Nokia E51
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About Me
I'm a easy going happy to be wit guy, I use Nokia E 51 handset which i think is a good mobile but i like to keep changing them. I have used almost all company Handsets and i think Nokia is the BEST followed by Sony of course.
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Travel, Food, Photography, Books, Comics, Anime

Favorte Music
Pop, Reggae, Hip Hop, Indian Classical,

Favorite Movies
Brave Heart, Patriot, Knights Tale, Die Hard, Indiana Jones, Matrix, God Father

Favorite TV Shows
Eureka, Naruto, Boston Legal, Friends, Ghost Whisperer, OC, House

Favorite Games
Chess, Cricket, Football, TT

Angels and Demons, Da Vinci Code, The Small Bachelor, Sherlock Holmes.

Turn On
Food, Luxury, Clean Fun,

Turn Off
Hypocrites, Reptiles

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