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I am born for music and will die for music. I love music , I don't know how much I love it...............
But i think actually its right i am the greatest music lover that ever could be. Can you feel the rhythm? The bass the beats the sounds those makes your heart dance with joy and your distressed mind would get the jubilant feelings , and that is music, The nutriment of HEART.

And with a friendly mentality I am always like to make good friends, who can share my joys and sorrows. Really life is annoying without friend. You cant enjoy your life without friends. A good friend is many thing in one's life. At one point of everyone's life everybody can feel the necessity of friends, that life is dull without friends. The time may be vary in various person.

So why friend don't you add me.My emails: mistu2010@ymail.com; mistu@in.com;mistu.mondal@gmail.com.

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Mightily music .outing , watiching movies, and many more.

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Horror, Adventure,Romantic.

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Cricket, Football,Tennis.

Exclusively written on gaining success.........

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Erika Talusig Photo khai_demonyita - Oct 18, 2009 04:14:38 AM

tHanks fOr mEssagiNg..

u HAve a verY gReaT pRofiLe..