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    Sep 12
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    United Kingdom
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    Apple iPhone 3G S
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In a nutshell, I am an enterpreneur, web designer, developer and blogger. Creating social network related websites is my passion and I love that! Coffee addict. Scared to love.
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blogging, watching movies, developing websites, listening music and ......

Favorte Music
enrique iglesias hero, gladiator theme music, let the drummer kickin.. and a big list ahead

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Accepted, Cloverfield, 28 Weeks Later, Troy, Gladiator, Harold & Kumar all parts :) and there is long list.

Favorite TV Shows
Don't watch TV

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Played many but none kept me much busy these days i am playing Prototype

Not much interested but usually I like to read software and games related magazines

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Liars, cheaters, extremist and cruel people.

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Michael Dennis Buenafe Photo beatguys - Feb 10, 2011 07:30:37 AM

how can i create my own themes??i would like to create a themes, but i want my daughters picture to make a theme. can you help me??

Pogoraj Photo pudupogo - Feb 05, 2011 12:34:47 PM


Uttam Photo uttam123 - Feb 05, 2011 03:44:56 AM

hello guys my name is uttam i m from nepal.......i am assistant manager of com tech communication.......well i love this site well it got everythings i need for mobile

Daniel Photo danyel_danutz - Jan 19, 2011 04:44:10 AM

hello my name is Daniel and I'm from romania. where I find myself on this website that is machine games need for speed undergroun? waiting for reply thanks

Neelam Photo neelamlall - Jan 12, 2011 10:49:09 PM

I am an married lady of 29yr,simple living and loving. i am working as technician in govt institute. Found of true friends.