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Hello everyone who reads this. In my last problem was my sister died of cancer and i did not know how to handle the situation and now im getting my head and life back in order, ive been in a relationship for 22 years and trying to explain what i was thinking and why it happened now i know after 2 months of loosing my sister, there is no answer except why did they take money out of a cancer patients mouth and im sure i will avenge her death by giving sum1 who works at barclaycard and inject their children with air and watch them suffer. Im joining the BNP. but AT least i have good memories of what we got upto when we were kids. When or if your loosing someone close to you if you love or hate your family dont forget to tell them that you love them. It helps you to recover in the future. My saying is life goes on even if you were dealt with the hand that you were given to live. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Enjoy your life and dont hurt any1 who you are close too. Love yourself before loving others and stop people walking over you. Drugs are easy to get teach your children what they mean and the why it kills people.
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80s music

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Horror, action, thriller, im a collector in video,s in over 20 years

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South park, family guy simpsons. The best 1 to watch is american police.

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Puzzles n brain games

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Transvestites. If your gay and you feel like a woman never forget this phrase who does a woman feel like. Dont do the chop. X

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