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    Mar 18
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    United Kingdom
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    Nokia N95
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About Me
'' I'm a theme/screensaver/wallpaper maker for many types of different mobile devices. I co-run my own forum (www.MobileBase.tk) with the help of a cosycat, come see for yourself. We have loads of free stuff and some great jokes, amongst other things. I'm married with grown up kids. I like technology and most modern gadgets. I like playing Resident Evil 5 & Gran Turismo 5 on the PS3.''

P.S. I don't like facebook or myspace type places ( or asparagus, YUK!!)
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PS3 - PSP - all mobiles - digital cameras - etc, etc. - Oh, and F1

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most things with a beat

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Dirty Harry

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eureka! - supernatural -

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Gran Turismo - Resi Evil

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Most vegetables

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