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    Alcatel OT-C750
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About Me
Ankit is a 13 year old guy who is technology and blogging freak trying, to be famous in the internet world and trying to earn few bucks by advertisements on his web site aE" Extreme Trix.

About four months ago, he got to know about this world of blogging where he tested his blogging skills on the blogger, a famous blogging service provided by Google, but blogger was not too good so he shifted his blog to WordPress Engine.

He is a Technology enthusiast, with a dream to web blog at a very young age and trying to reach new heights with his passion to write and contribute his works on his very own blog Extreme Trix.

Read more - http://extremetrix.com/ankit-puri/
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Blogging, Coding, Listening music, Watching T.V, Studying

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Rap, Rock and Hip-Hop!

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Suite life of zack and cody and ShinChan

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GTA series

31 days to make better blog.

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Who play with my life.

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