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Hey guys and girls reading this !,
did anyone like my game Guitar hero III if u did can u plzzz rate it 5 i would really appreciate it '_' !!
and if u guys rate it high ill upload Guitar hero world tour !! thnx for reading !!
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i luv playin soccer !! and dont forget cricket 2 lol !!

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the dark knight, Hancock, south park movie, the blue harvest (family guy) and the simpsons movie !!

Favorite TV Shows
south park, family guy, the simpsons and the footy show !!

Favorite Games
Guitar hero III, FIFA 09, God Of War: chains of olympis and Guitar hero world tour !!

none i dont read books BORING lol !!

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i like 2 play sports !!

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i dont like 2 read books BORING lol !!

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