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Play Solitaire: Captive Queens Game

Solitaire: Captive Queens

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: card, cards, solitaire, captive queens
This is a Solitaire card game variant, where you have end up with all the cards from the deck added to the eight foundation pil...
Play The Colorful Chess Game

The Colorful Chess

Category: Board Games
Tags: Chess
The colorful Chess ® is the most amazing variant of chess, and an excellent mental challenge. Imagine a classic chess board, ...
Play Monotris Game


Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: Tetris monotris puzzle game tetromino tetrominoes tetrads shapes pieces
The objective of this Tetris variant game is to form basic Tetris shapes (tetrominoes) using falling blocks. If the sha...

Play Texas Hold'em by Game

Texas Hold'em by

Category: Casino Games
Tags: poker, texas hold'em, cards
Play the most know variant of poker game: Texas Hold'em! Challenge other human opponents with multiplayer feature and submi...
Play Sphere Avoider Variant 1 Game

Sphere Avoider Variant 1

Category: Action Games
Tags: sphere, avoider, avoiding, dodge, avoid
Simple avoiding game. Stay alive as long as possible.
Play Sphere Avoider Variant 2 Game

Sphere Avoider Variant 2

Category: Action Games
Tags: sphere, avoider, avoiding, dodge, avoid
Collect the gold spheres, avoid the green ones.
Play Sphere Avoider Variant 3 Game

Sphere Avoider Variant 3

Category: Action Games
Tags: sphere, avoider, avoiding, dodge, avoid
Avoid the green spheres, collect the gold ones.
Play Chessman Sliding Game

Chessman Sliding

Category: Board Games
Tags: sliding, tiles, chess, chessman, sliding, richthepanda, puzzle, logic, memory
A more difficult variant of the classic tile-sliding puzzle.
Play Random Chess Game

Random Chess

Category: Board Games
Tags: chess, multiplayer, online, fischer random chess, chess960
Play multiplayer chess with randomized pieces! This variant of chess was invented by Bobby Fischer, a former world chess champi...
Play Squares of Doom:  Multiplication Game

Squares of Doom: Multiplication

Category: Board Games
Tags: math, addition, subtraction, multiplication, subtract, multiply, divide, division, mathematics, puzzle, sudoku, variant, squares, doom, series
Solve each of the 10 levels by filling in the gray squares to make the difference of the black squares, both rows and columns. ...