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Play TigerLoader Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: loader, puzzle, picture, tiger, motorbike
Assemble the Tiger-Bike from blocks, using an industrial loader.
Play Tiger On Tree Jigsaw Game

Tiger On Tree Jigsaw

Category: Jigsaw Games
Tags: tiger, tree, jigsaw, puzzle
Tiger On Tree Jigsaw Puzzle. Can you solve it?

Play Tiger and Monster 2 Game

Tiger and Monster 2

Category: Education Games
Tags: physics, tiger, monster, game
get tiger to monster and vice-versa in this physics game.
Play Lights Off v2 Game

Lights Off v2

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: Lights, Light, Dice, DiceMan2009, Puzzle, light, light, dice, diceman2009, puzzle, DiceMan, diceman
A clone of the classic Lights Out game by Tiger Electronics. Complete with a highscore table.
Play TAOFEWA - Kumara Fire Shuriken Coloring Game Game

TAOFEWA - Kumara Fire Shuriken Coloring Game

Category: Action Games
Tags: taofewa, kumara, fire, shuriken, cannon, catapult, guano, color, coloring, manga, customize, shred, tear, claw, machinegun
Try an interactive TAOFEWA flash game with the Fire based character Kumara in a scene where he is battling an animated stone ti...
Play Chick Run Game

Chick Run

Category: Action Games
Tags: run jump pixel art tiger cacti desert monty python
Tiger! Runaway! Watch out for cacti!
Play Kowia Rotospheres Game

Kowia Rotospheres

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: match discs animal tiger jaguar preserve
Launch the animal discs, and match discs to score points.
Play Sketcher 2 Game

Sketcher 2

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: sketch, dots, connect dots, line connect, picture, draw, draw picture, image, animals, tiger, penguin, okapi, seahorse, red panda, frog, turtle, parrots, moose, koala, pencil, drawing
Sketcher 2, not unlike its predecessor, is a game going around the idea of connecting the dots to create a picture. The second ...
Play Jigsaw: Sleeping Tiger Game

Jigsaw: Sleeping Tiger

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: sleeping tiger, relaxing, animal, tiger, jigsaw, puzzle
Sleeping Tiger - Without a Dragon. Sometimes you just cannot spend your time fighting and relax with a nap instead.