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Play There Were Cannons Game

There Were Cannons

Category: Action Games
Tags: Hungry, Hamburgers, Cannons, Platformer
Boy, I'm Starving! What's on the menu, Pops? HAMBURGERS! MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF HAMBURGERS! And it's up to yo...
Play Jump High Game

Jump High

Category: Adventure Games
Tags: Joke, Timewaster, Platformer
Help Bubblegum Bob collect treasures and save his kingdom in this psychological platform adventure game. Collaborate with your ...

Play Curl Adventure Game

Curl Adventure

Category: Action Games
Tags: Action, Platform, Platformer, Adventure
Help Curl swing through these danger-filled worlds. Arrows = Move ; Spacebar = Jump
Play Jumping Monkey Game

Jumping Monkey

Category: Action Games
Tags: Action, Platform, Platformer
See how high your jumping monkey can get.
Play Ascent Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: platform, action, futuristic
Reach the target altitude by jumping, flying and pushing your way up through this futuristic little platformer.
Play FJ Ball Game

FJ Ball

Category: Action Games
Tags: platformer, jumping, avoid, balls, electrocution
An arcade platformer with very basic gameplay elements and highscores.
Play Flea 1.5 Game

Flea 1.5

Category: Action Games
Tags: flea, jump, coin, portal, spikes, spring, levels, platform, platformer
Guide your tiny flea through tons of levels, avoiding spikes and picking up coins along the way! If you like this game, make s...
Play Robo Run Game

Robo Run

Category: Action Games
Tags: platform, puzzle, gravity, mario, jump, collect, robot, codinsoft, platformer, flixel, flan, arcade, cute, sidescroller
A puzzle platform game with a twist. Master the force of gravity to pass each of the 20 mind-bending levels.
Play G-Switch Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: gravity, multiplayer, one-button, fast, platformer
Frenetic gravity inversion action for the solo player, or up to 6 players on one keyboard!