Your search for Pairs

Play Easter Egg Match 2 Game

Easter Egg Match 2

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: easter egg match, easter, easter eggs, matching pairs, match 2, match two, pairs, puzzle
Match the pairs of Easter eggs as quickly as possible and in as few moves as you can. There are nine levels, starting at two pa...
Play GemmaLudus Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: stacking, gemmers, quick, minigame, mini-game
Swap Vector gems to match colors in pairs of three. Then submit your highscore and play again!

Play Fishy Game Game

Fishy Game

Category: Board Games
Tags: fish, ball, pairs, crazy, fishy game, fishy, balls
The goal is to reach the highest score possible after passing all the levels. At the end of each level you will receive a code...
Play Robot Depot Game

Robot Depot

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: robots, memory, matching
Match pairs and build robots in this clever puzzle game!
Play DropSum Colours Game

DropSum Colours

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: dropsum, colour, color, puzzle, strategy
Click on the coloured tiles to make them disappear. Single tiles will not disappear - you need pairs or larger groups. The larg...
Play Arrows-Hearts Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: puzzle, board, shooter, logic, arcade, angel, new game, valentine day, amour
Little angel must make pairs with animals and get experiense and scores. More features and prizes
Play Headshire Matchup Game

Headshire Matchup

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: Headshire, match, puzzle
In your post as Governor of Headshire, you must gather resources to keep your town happy. Find and match pairs in this concentr...
Play Nosobow Game


Category: Board Games
Tags: board, pairs, remove, pieces, similar, no pressure
The pieces all look terribly similar but some appear only once. Remove these single pieces and leave all pieces that are double...
Play Space Match Game

Space Match

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: matching, pairs, puzzle, pairs game, matching game, space
Match the pairs in as few moves as possible.