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Play Pak-Rat ¡Black! Game

Pak-Rat ¡Black!

Category: Action Games
Tags: pacman, game, arcade, maze, dark, black
Pacman parody, in which you control a rat eating cheese balls, avoiding cats.
Play Dinner Frenzy Game

Dinner Frenzy

Category: Action Games
Tags: one button, onebutton, food, frenzy, dinner, party, game, pacman, eat adventure, cooking, highscore, one minute, play, mouse, easy, kids, kids game, eating
Eat as much food as you can for one minute in this eating adventure! Challenge your friends and get the best score!
Play Wacman: Origin Game

Wacman: Origin

Category: Action Games
Tags: arcade, action, old games, classic games, classic, action games, skill games, pacman, pacman game
Play a Pacman game with originally sounds and new implementation! You need to be as fast as you can to earn more points and ...

Play Pac Ayam Game

Pac Ayam

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: Ayeem Ayam, Pacman, Pac Ayam, Ayam, Ayeem
Rebut dan makan semua dedak, dan jauhi semua 4 ekor ayam jahat!
Play Crystal Runner Game

Crystal Runner

Category: Action Games
Tags: crystal, runner, pacman, pipeman, bomberman, arcade, bombs, coins
Non-trivial arcade game with new gameplay twists and astonishing graphics. Mix of old classic games such as Pacman, Pipeman and...
Play Escher Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: pacman, staircase, ladder
To go on a labyrinth 4D collect money and kill pacmans
Play A Mazing Race Game

A Mazing Race

Category: Action Games
Tags: maze, race, maze race, pacman, pac man
Beat the computer to the end of the maze.
Play Amazing Card Keeper Game

Amazing Card Keeper

Category: Adventure Games
Tags: skok, skok stefczyka, amazing, kard keeper, keeper, pacman, many, cards, coins
Collect all credit cards and ATMs
Play Quackman Game


Category: Adventure Games
Tags: duck, shoot, pacman style
Eat farmer Prost's cabbages and try not to let him shoot you.