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Play Summer Stars Game

Summer Stars

Category: Action Games
Tags: pachinko, peggle, summer, star, beach, icecream, holiday, travel
Grey clouds are threatening the beautiful summer day! Use the golden stars of Summer to clear them up, while discovering what s...
Play Kachinko Game


Category: Casino Games
Tags: Gambling, Casino, Pachinko
Gamble all your virtual dollars away in Kachinko!
Play Bubble DressUp Game

Bubble DressUp

Category: Customize Games
Tags: Bubble, dressup, girls, pachinko, spinner, cute, coins, relooking
Help the little girl in her relooking frenzy!

Play Lucky Coins Game

Lucky Coins

Category: Action Games
Tags: pinball, pashinko, pachinko, drop, coins, lucky, four leaf clover
Do you feel lucky today? Drop the coin and find out as you watch it bump around and collect points in this unique mix of Pinba...
Play Plink Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: pachinko, retro, arcade, pinball, casual
A pachinko-like game with a retro feel and unique sound.
Play Neon Disks Game

Neon Disks

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: ball, disk, physics, circle, puzzle, pachinko
Light up all the disks by firing balls at them to progress through this pachinko clone. Choose bonuses to help you score highly!
Play Sushi Castle Game

Sushi Castle

Category: Action Games
Tags: sushi, pachinko, peggle, castle, casual
Having wandered aimlessly the entire night you suddenly arrive at the Sushi Castle. Mmm... Sushi... But why are they so hard to...
Play Q-Kmbr Casino Game

Q-Kmbr Casino

Category: Casino Games
Tags: q-kmbr games, casino, slot, slots, slot machine, chicken, race, plinko, pachinko
Come and try your luck at Q-Kmbr Casino! Create an account to spend and win Q-Kmbr Points, or just play for fun with play credi...