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Play Neon Guy Game

Neon Guy

Category: Action Games
Tags: retro, neon, one button, platform, puzzle, gravity, codinsoft, jump, pixel, jens winterstein, mario, tiles, platformer, timing, minimalistic, pixelart, iphone
Neon Guy is a platform game where you only need to use one button for all input. Jump over gaps, avoid enemies and master th...
Play The Incredible Space Game: Episode XXVI Game

The Incredible Space Game: Episode XXVI

Category: Action Games
Tags: one key game, space, minimal, green, simple, triangle, flying triangle, everyday, fast
Outstanding minimalistic game with only one action button.
Play Minimal Tennis 3D Game

Minimal Tennis 3D

Category: Action Games
Tags: tennis, minimal, retro
Minimal Tennis takes place in a three dimensional cube, with power-ups and a minimal techno backing track!



Category: Action Games
Tags: Puzzle, Arcade, Music, Addictive, Minimalist
Addictive Puzzle Game minimalist developed by Javier Garrido and Lucas Gonzalez. Space-based. With electronic music of Dj Attac...
Play We are the Robots Game

We are the Robots

Category: Action Games
Tags: mobile, android, match3, puzzle, arcade, robots, survival, highscore, geek, electronic, minimal
Are you a robot? Survival match arcade, mix Tetris and match-3 genre. The robot factory is getting out of control unless you...
Play Deep Trip Game

Deep Trip

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: match, puzzle, jellies, ambient, minimal, chill, underwater, survival, highscore
Take a deep trip! Ambient underwater soft-survival match puzzle.Match colorful jellyfish to get oxygen! Play to relax and conce...
Play Momiga Game


Category: Other Games
Tags: minimalist, most, ever, pixel, button, beep
the Most Minimalist Game ever.
Play F1 (track1) records Game

F1 (track1) records

Category: Racing Games
Tags: cool, driving, formula 1, racing, highscores
You should complete 3 laps in this race for minimal time.
Play F1 (track2) records Game

F1 (track2) records

Category: Racing Games
Tags: cool, racing, driving
You should complete 2 laps in this race for minimal time.
Play KidsPuzzle : Animals Game

KidsPuzzle : Animals

Category: Jigsaw Games
Tags: Kids, animals, animal, chicken, nice
Rearrange the animals at the correct order to win, with minimal moves as possible