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Play Power Numbers Game

Power Numbers

Category: Board Games
Tags: numbers, calculation, math, smart, thinking, chess
Power Numbers is a thinking game in which you must guess a number higher than the computer to win a point BUT be careful you on...
Play Castle Match 2 Game

Castle Match 2

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: match two, match 2, pairs, castle, castle match, mathing pairs
Match the pairs as quickly as possible.

Play Math Shooter Game

Math Shooter

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: math, mathematics, learn, educational, kids, shooter
Practice and polish your math skill by shooting! Relax and enjoy shooting numbers in beautiful undersea scene. More than 80 m...
Play Where Will It Land? Game

Where Will It Land?

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: Where, Will, Land, Atom, Hadron, Maths, Angles, Guessing, Estimation
Try to guess where the atom will reach the end strip. Guess it correctly and you win points!
Play Match move Game

Match move

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: puzzle, riddle, match, math, move
Randomly generated match riddles
Play Old School ALIEN SHOOT OUT Game


Category: Adventure Games
Tags: Arcade, space, aliens, shoot, fire, kill, blow, flying, saucer, retro, school, very
What does shooting aliens have to do with math? Nothing, that's why this game is so awesome!.
Play Captain Adventure Man Game

Captain Adventure Man

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: Puzzle, math, push, logic, stone, person, treasure, collect, power, items, time, glove, boots
A puzzle game in which you explore a vast cave in order to collect a variety of treasures and items. The different items will g...
Play Monkey Math Balance Game

Monkey Math Balance

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: monkey, math, balance, scales, kids, cute
Balance the scales