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Play Enjoy With Math Game

Enjoy With Math

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: onlinefunarcade, number, math, logical, puzzle
Play 30 Tricky Levels in which you have to sum all the numbers under a set of rules. You will be satisfied with your math if...
Play The Maths Quiz Game

The Maths Quiz

Category: Education Games
Tags: maths, mathematics, numbers, calculating, school, learning, GCSE
Are you a true nerd? Do you have what it takes to get through a High School maths test? Try your best in this quiz then! 35 eas...
Play Math Quiz Game

Math Quiz

Category: Education Games
Tags: math, quiz, diligames
Improve your mathematical skill with Math Quiz. You should find the one of four computations that has different result. There ...

Play 2000 Sudoku by Game

2000 Sudoku by

Category: Board Games
Tags: sudoku, math, numbers
Play our sudoku with 2000 levels (easy and hard)! Developed by
Play Calc Game


Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: math, mind, calculation, mathematics
Calc is a calculation game where you have to quickly calculate a given mathematical problem.
Play Space Sum Game

Space Sum

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: math, space
Space Sum is a simple and fun flash game where you have to click numbered balls so that they add up to the sum needed.
Play Super Number Guess Game

Super Number Guess

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: guess, random, numbers, become, champion, highscores, puzzles, family, friendly, games, riddle, find, discover, compete, competition, simple, game, little, time, killer, waster, digits, math
The computer has chosen a random number between 1 and 9999. Guess the correct number in as few tries as possible and try to be...
Play Exact Change Game

Exact Change

Category: Action Games
Tags: coin, coins, money, math, puzzle, currency, america, patriotic, stars, July, fireworks, change, exact change, mouse-only
Collect loads and loads of coins! Its raining coins - click the falling coins to make change. Score Time Bonus for speed. S...
Play Lucky Click Game

Lucky Click

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: math, logic, number, guess, random, luck, lucky, click
Puzzle game where you guess a randomly selected number. It can be done by luck or using your logic and simple maths. There are ...
Play SequenZ Game


Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: numbers, calculate, math, maths, mathematics, logic, education, speed, time, training, kids, puzzle
Predict the next number in a sequence of numbers. Ascertain the logic behind the sequence and enter the right number in time. ...