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Play Garbage Truck Game

Garbage Truck

Category: Racing Games
Tags: truck, race, racing, cargo, transport, garbage, driving, skill, drive
Collect the wastes and haul them to the treatment facility. The faster you do the run, the more you get paid. It's as simpl...
Play Filler 2 Game

Filler 2

Category: Action Games
Tags: simianlogic, ball, balls, filler, physics, leaderboards
Fill up 2/3 of the screen to advance! Filler is back with three difficulty settings, a graphical overhaul, and 100 challenges t...

Play NitroHaul Game


Category: Racing Games
Tags: nitrohaul, nitro, haul, build, cart, transport, box2d
Build a hauler that is able to transport the high explosives trough the maps!