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Play 3D Frogger Game

3D Frogger

Category: Retro Games
Tags: 3D Frogger
Frogger takes on a new look in this 3 dimensional version of the classic game. Make your way across
Play Frog-It Game


Category: Other Games
Tags: Frog-It
Get to the other side of the Road then the River without dying!
Play Frog It 2 Game

Frog It 2

Category: Action Games
Tags: Frog It 2
Use the arrow keys to move your frog and eat up bugs and flies on the pond.

Play Frog Leap Game

Frog Leap

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: Frog Leap
Click on the frogs to jump them over each other and get both groups to the other side.
Play Starfrosch Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: Starfrosch
Guide the frog through a fantasy world collecting stars and avoiding venomous flowers.
Play Mud Rally Game

Mud Rally

Category: Arcade Games
guide the frog on the lotus leaf to follow the muddy track
Play Funny Bubbles Game

Funny Bubbles

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: Funny Bubbles
Shoot the funny bouncing frog, cow, cat, dog, and other animals like the bull. Match up animals to r
Play Donnie's Super-Fly Game Game

Donnie's Super-Fly Game

Category: Shooting Games
Insect eating pre-historic man; Don't let the frog steal your food!
Play Revolution Game


Category: Arcade Games
Guide the frog to pick up the yellow stars and avoiding the poisoned flowers.
Play Frog It Game

Frog It

Category: Arcade Games
Help the frog cross the road without being run over.