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Alien Symbols Game Details

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Alien Symbols Flash Game

Category: Puzzle Games, Total Plays: 501
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Tags: Alien Symbols, Alien, Memory Game, Mind Game, Symbols, Symbols Game, Mind Warping Games, Flash Games, Puzzle, Puzzle Games, Flash Memory Game

How to play Alien Symbols Game
Here are some hints to help you win the game and maximize your fun-factor:

1. For maximum enjoyment, please read COMPLETE GAME RULES before playing this game for the first time (also accessed from Main Menu).
2. Monitor the game metrics at the top and bottom of the game pages.
3. Do not run out of Attempts with Peeks remaining. Use available Peeks -- don't "waste" remaining Attempts.
4. Use Pause while considering your game strategy. Conserve time remaining.

Alien Symbols game controls
fire = na;jump = na;movement = mouse;

Game Description
The object is to successfully finish all Levels for your chosen Play Mode -- in the lowest elapsed time.

Choose a play mode: Plebe (beginner), Cadet (intermediate) or Trooper (advanced). Each mode has several levels comprised of pyramid-shaped stone blocks with curious, etched, alien symbols. Hidden behind each symbol is a positive or negative number.

Select three symbols, one at a time, revealing three numbers totaling zero (a correct Selection). You are given a certain number of Attempts to complete the required number of correct selections. When you advance levels, you earn X-ray Peeks. Press the Peek button once each time before selecting a previously-chosen symbol to temporarily see its hidden number. When you complete all of the required correct selections for a given level, you advance to the next level. You win the game by completing all of the levels for your chosen play mode. An incorrect selection uses up one attempt. If you run out of attempts you drop back to the previous level (or remain at Level 1). If you run out of time, the game ends.

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