Logext: Add Logo Watermark And Text Sign To Photos Mobile Software

Logext: Add Logo Watermark And Text Sign To Photos Mobile Software
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About this Mobile App

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Tags: logo , text , copyright sticker , trademark logo

Logext: Add Logo Watermark And Text Sign To Photos Mobile Software Description


Logext (Logo & Text) is a free-to-use “LOGO, TEXT and STICKERS” Editing Application which Watermarks your Photographs with

a?? Classy Texts and Words Phrases
a?? Copyright Logo
a?? Trademark Stickers
a?? Fun Emojis

You can click instant photographs from the application or import from your pre-captured gallery pics with ease. It will recreate your images stunningly within a fraction of seconds!

az? Moreover, you can even adjust the Picture Aspect Ratio as per your wish and requirement.

A simple text to add? Absolutely Not! With Text Adding features you can create beautiful customized typography on your photographs with various stylish arrangements. Have a look below:


aoeOE Changeable Font Color 
Varieties of Color options to choose from

aoeOE Text Bold 
Highlight important words with Bold feature

aoeOE Text Italic
Give an italic look to make it more attractive 

aoeOE Text Underlined 
Underline Text by giving your text photograph different look

aoeOE Flexible Text Alignment
You can easily place the text in different areas of your image

aoeOE Dozens of Font Options
Many stylish font formats to choose as per your image look

Not just adding a simple logo to photo, with Logext you can even frame up your photo with huge various fancy ingredients too. Have look below:


aoeOE Add your own Watermark Logo
Easily import and add your Brand Logo as Watermark

aoeOE Emoji Stickers 
Add emoji to photo to create different emotions on it

aoeOE Copyright Logo
Varieties of styles to add copyright watermark to photo for security reasons

aoeOE Birthday Stickers
Add birthday stickers to photos and wish your loved one’s

The above mentioned features are simple to use and quite enough to get your photographs transformed within a fraction of seconds. 

dhYZ? Why to Opt for Logext?
az? Free to Download App 
az? User Friendly Interface
az? Works Offline 
az? No loss of image quality
az? Import Pictures or Click Instantly

A well spaced images with few texts on it communicates and looks well. Isn’t it? And there are heck lot of thing a simple text and few decorative elements can do to your photograph. Hence, we’ve got few listed out for you!

a?? Best use of Logext:
aoe" Write on Photos 
aoe" Create your own Quotes
aoe" Put emojis on picture
aoe" Create promotional photos 
aoe" Add Logo to photos 
aoe" Add Copyright to photo
aoe" Decorate images with Stickers 
aoe" Create birthday images 
aoe" Add watermark to your photos
aoe" Create pictures for social sharing
aoe" Add captions to photos 
aoe" Make Monograms
aoe" Add Birthday Stickers to Photos
aoe" Increase Brand Awareness 
aoe" Name Tagging on Photos 
aoe" Build attractive posters
aoe" Create digital badge

Looking for more quick and easy ways to use it? We’ve even got them for you!

aOEs How to use Logext ?

1) Get the Application installed az? Open it up
2) On home screen, you will get a blank space 
3) Add Image on it az? Import from Gallery or Click instantly

az? Now, here’s where framing up your photographs starts, you will get three options on your lower screen.
Text | Logo | Ratio

az? Put Text on Image az? Change the Font Style az? Choose desired color az? Adjust the Alignment

You’re fit to go with the text!

az? Tap Logo toggle az? Choose your desired one from
emoji stickers | Default Logo/ Import Logo | Birthday Stickers 

Place and Modify them according to your wish and your work is done !

aoeOE Select your image ratio size at the end. Bingo! Your image is created beautifully to rise and shine.

az? Zoom out your fingers to increase the size of your text and logo and zoom in to reduce it.

Now, Say goodbye to all your boring pictures as Logext is summed up all the astonishing features to frame up your photographs with cluster of text, varieties of logos and decorative stickers to it.

aoe?So What are you waiting for? Download it now!

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