ShotOn For Motorola: Auto Add Shot On Photo Stamp Mobile Software

ShotOn For Motorola: Auto Add Shot On Photo Stamp Mobile Software
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ShotOn For Motorola: Auto Add Shot On Photo Stamp Mobile Software Description


Shot on for Motorola app automatically adds a ShotOn watermark tag for Motorola Devices on photographs captured using the built-in camera. 


a?? In the ShotOn signature, you can edit the logo for Motorola device along with Texts for “Shot on and Shot by” 

Shot on app is particularly developed for Motorola users who love to capture beautiful moments from their smartphone camera and are willing to add a ShotOn watermarking tag on it but unfortunately, they can’t.

aOEs Why choose Shot on for Motorola?
aoeOE All Features Pre-unlocked (Free)
aoeOE ShotOn and Shot By Tags can be customized. 
aoeOE Customizable Position of Shot on Tags 
aoeOE Classy Font Formats

Motorola is one of the staple smartphone brands which may well be responsible for making Android what it is today and in recent times, they have produced some great high-end quality camera smartphones which are awesome for photography.

The app allows you to add Shot on watermark logo in 2 ways, default logo and the custom logo (Choose from Gallery). There is also an option in the app where you can choose a brand logo to show up in an image too.

After which, you can also add a custom brand name to a picture for (Shot on ____) as well as the person name who have clicked it for (Shot by ______) which is shown next to the logo. 

aoe? ShotOn for Motorola App Features:
az? Over 20+ different smartphone brand logos
az? Customize and Add your own Logo
az? Changeable position for Shot on watermarking tag
az? Editable size for ShotOn watermark
az? Customized text for Shot on _______.
az? Customized text for Shot by _______.
az? Cool font formats for Shot on and Shot by text. 
az? Usage of built-in smartphone camera 

ShotOn app for Motorola contains a list of different brands Logo available from which you can choose any of them and add it as a logo in the Shot on signature watermark.

Another feature of an app is that you can add text to photo as a smartphone brand and model name as well as your own signature. You can choose different font formats, style, size and positions as per your background.

aoe? How does ShotOn Motorola app work?
1) Switch the toggle to on
2) Select the appropriate Brand Logo from the app or from the Gallery
3) Select your Device or add a new one for Shot on _______
4) Add a text signature as name of company to represent Shot by ________
5) Select convenient Font Formats and Size
6) Preview the Shot on tag you have created 
That’s it!

aOEs Now, all the Images that you will capture with the built-in camera for Motorola will have a ShotOn watermark tag on it. 

Shot on for Motorola app is a great way to show up your creativity in your photo with brand, logo and classy text. 

aoe" Download the App now and let everyone know about your photography talent!

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