ShotOn For One Plus: Auto Add Shot On Photo Stamp Mobile Software

ShotOn For One Plus: Auto Add Shot On Photo Stamp Mobile Software
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ShotOn For One Plus: Auto Add Shot On Photo Stamp Mobile Software Description

a?? ShotOn for OnePlus is a free application that provides you the facility to auto add “ShotOn tags” in every photograph you capture with an in-built OnePlus camera.

You can even customize the Shot on tag according to your preference i.e. “ShotOn (Device Name and Device Logo)” along with a new tag labeled as Shot By i.e. “Shot By (Your Name)”. 

Stock ShotOn tags for OnePlus is only limited to OnePlus 5 & 5T. With this free app you can even add Shot On Tags on your previous generations phones like OnePlus 2, OnePlus 3 & 3T.

aoe? Features, tailored just for you

aoe"Integration with in-built camera
aoe"ShotOn Watermark Logo Size Customizable
aoe"Large Collection of Brand Logos to choose from
aoe"Stunning Font Formats 
aoe"Functionality to add your custom logo
aoe"Shot on Tag Stamp Position Changeable.
aoe"Shot on Tag Signature Fields Editable.
aoe"Phone Model Selection According to Brands

This app solely fulfills all your demand related to adding ShotOn tags that was previously exclusive only for latest OnePlus flagship phones.

Say goodbye to the hassle of opening camera from the app, just fire your default camera and start capturing.

aOEs Why we?
aoeOE Absolutely Free App.
aoeOE Customizable ShotOn Logo.
aoeOE Editable Shot on & Shot By Signature Text.
aoeOE Alterable Position for ShotOn Tags.

dhYZ? What’s more you can do with this app? Let’s have a look.

dhY'? For Photographer
ShotOn tag is very useful for photographers who are frequently sharing their work online. With the addition of ShotOn and Shot By tag you don't have to mention your name and device every time the photo is shared.

dhY'? For Freelancers
Freelancers are always in the grind to build their online authority. ShotOn tag makes this task easy for them. Simply add your name in the Shot By tag and get the credits you deserve.

dhY'? For Brand Fanboys
Recently bought a new OnePlus device and trying to show off? Well, just add ShotOn tag on your photographs before sharing them on social media and let photo do the talking.

dhY'? For Marketers
Knowing all the astonishing features of adding art of logo, don't you think this can be a perfect tool for all the marketers out here? absolutely it can be.

So just create and endure all your images online and maximize your fan following

aoe" Create your own Enticing Snapshot absolutely Free with this one and only Android App. So What are you waiting for? Sign up to Google Play Store and Install it right away!

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