GPS Map Camera Lite For Photo Location & Timestamp Mobile Software

GPS Map Camera Lite For Photo Location & Timestamp Mobile Software
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GPS Map Camera Lite For Photo Location & Timestamp Mobile Software Description

A photo having GPS coordinates printed on it has become easy now with the help of GPS lite Tool. From Address, Latitude, Longitude to Altitude And Date Time, You can have every information as a template on your clicked photos as Auto stamp, once you click it from a GPS map camera lite App.

It’s an easy tool for many businesses and fields like Marine, Aviation, Farming, Military, Civil Engineering, Architecture where you can easily share Site location along with Pictures to Your client and colleagues.

How *GPS map camera Lite for photo location & Timestamp* App Works?

dhY"· Once you open an application, Camera screen will get opened.
dhY"· Set camera options like Ratio, Flash, Rotate
dhY"· Now Select GPS Coordinates from Settings
dhY"· Choose GPS Coordinate type and also DateTime Format
dhY"· Now, you can click unlimited photos having GPS Location, GPS coordinates, DateTime Stamp.

Interesting Features:

a¬› GPS Coordinate types:

a¬› Time Format:
24 Hours / 12 Hours

a¬› Date Format:

a¬› Camera features:
Flash - Focus - Rotate

a¬› Units:
Meters / Feet

a¬› Compass Directions:
True North / Magnetic North

Why to have GPS Lite Map Camera Application in Your Smartphone

aoe… To make best use of Location map Stamp camera for Geo Mapping & Landmarking
aoe… To Geotag photos
aoe… To Add Geo location to Camera Photos
aoe… Make use of Camera stamp free anytime anywhere
aoe… To Add GPS Stamp to Your Photos
aoe… To Get Location image Stamp
aoe… To Add Date Time Location Stamp
aoe… To add Address, Latitude Longitude, Altitude, GPS Coordinates, DateTime, Compass to GPS Map Camera Lite Photos
aoe… To get GPS Stamp Camera easily available for you when you want Location on Photo
aoe… To have timestamp along with GPS Stamp Camera
aoe… Geo tagging Photos for multi purpose use
aoe… To have Map camera stamp to use as GPS tracker through Auto Stamp Photos
aoe… Camera Stamper to add DateTime stamp & Location stamp
aoe… To enjoy unlimited photo stamps with every clicks

Most Efficient Application For Following Groups of People:

dhY"¶ Individuals related with Business identified with land, Infrastructure, Architecture can undoubtedly apply GPS Map Location stamp to their Site Photos
dhY"¶ People having Destination festivities of occasions like Wedding, Birthdays, Festivals, Anniversaries and so on.
dhY"¶ Voyagers and Explorers can viably use Geo tagging camera
dhY"¶ People having outstation Meetings, gatherings, Conclaves, Meetups, Events arranged by organizations or Institutions tackling and filling specific need
dhY"¶ Travel, Food, style and Art Bloggers can propel their encounters with including GPS Location through GPS Map Camera
dhY"¶ Spot Oriented organizations, where You require to send pictures with Live Location To Clients.

Click your unlimited photos with the help of GPS Map camera lite fot photo location & Time Stamp Application, for that Download it now and make the best use of it.

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