Export Contacts For WhatsApp Mobile Software

Export Contacts For WhatsApp Mobile Software
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Export Contacts For WhatsApp Mobile Software Description

aoeOE The Application works on Mobiles as well as Windows Desktop (PC’s).

a?? You can easily SAVE a whopping 50% on your overall Marketing Cost or increase your ROI by 50% using Export Contacts for Whatsapp application. 

aoe? HOW ?

az? We are living in an Era of Smartphone’s where Bulk SMS in the form of Text Messaging is delivered in lakhs and crores for Advertisement and we are habituated to simply IGNORE that SMS. 

az? But, do we ignore a Whatsapp Message? Straightforward NO! We will definitely check it once and then decide the next course of action. This is where this app (Whatsapp Marketing Tool) will give your efforts much better Returns on Investment (ROI) in Whatsapp Marketing strategy.

dhYZ? Why Choose Us?
aoeOE "#1 Rated, Downloaded and Used" Marketing Tool for Whatsapp
aoeOE Fast Filtration of Contacts who are using Whatsapp from any huge Database. (1lac, 2lac, etc..)
aoeOE Software Support for Android Mobile and Windows Desktop. 

Marketing via Whatsapp is among the trendiest concepts in the field of Mass SMS or Online SMS Marketing because of the vast usage of Whatsapp which is around 1 Billion active users every day. 

And, having a handy list of WhatsApp Contacts is beneficial for people who wish to promote their Business, Products or Services on Whatsapp. This app instantly filters your contacts list and separates all the Active Whatsapp using contacts in a single file.

a?? You can directly reach to people who are using WhatsApp easily and quickly without investing a penny because this application is totally free.

( Check out application’s Key features )

az? Quick and Easy Process or Exportation.
az? Unlimited WhatsApp Contacts can be Exported at a time.
az? Exporting contacts in Window Desktop is accessible as well
az? Direct option to view exported files from the application

dhY'? How does it work? (Android - Step by Step Guide) 

az? Launch the Application
az? Click on Export Contacts
az? A Pop-up Window will generate asking you to Enter the file name
az? Enter the file name as per your requirement and Click Export
az? Successful Message and Location of Exported File Will be displayed
(Exported file is directly stored in the Mobile for usage)

Whatsapp is also used in PC’s nowadays and so is this application. Simply follow the instructions below to see how it works on your Windows Desktop!

dhY'? How does it work? (Windows - Step by Step Guide)

az? Open Application
az? Click on web option in header
az? Copy the generated URL and open in your desktop web browser
az? Click start to export WhatsApp contacts
az? Finally, you can export and import your contacts from your desktop
az? Click stop if you wish to stop exporting contacts

At many places, Whatsapp contact lists plays a vital role in Bulk Message Marketing and for the same, Export contacts for Whatsapp application has been designed to help marketers easily do the promotions via Short Message Service. 

aoe? The app has a nice graphical user interface so that anyone can understand how to operate it.

We're always happy to hear from you! If you have any Questions or Feedback, feel free to contact us through email. 

Note: This Is not an Official App or any Product of Whatsapp.

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