Auto Theft Gangsters Mobile Game

Auto Theft Gangsters Mobile Game
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Tags: action , kill , enemies , android gameauto , theft gangsters , racer , mafia , shoot , vehicle weapon

Auto Theft Gangsters Mobile Game Description

Roll up in the pimped out wheels, pack the most outrageous arsenal and conquer the criminal underworld in Auto Theft Gangsters! You can drive any vehicle or fire any weapon as you explore the 3D open world.

The streets of the city are in turmoil. A war between all the well-known crime families leads the town to self-destruct under insolence, deportation, murder and revenge. You arrive in the town just before the gang war and now it’s your opportunity to rise through the ranks of the grand underworld. Steal the cars, punch the kingpins and even shoot down the godfathers while gaining notoriety or just gorge on fast food & obey every traffic light – it’s up to you.

Game Features:
- Visually stunning 3D graphics, insane weapons and crazy vehicle models
- Make your way through hundreds of missions in Liberty City, Vegas & San Andreas
- A unique feeling of freedom: do absolutely anything you want at your own pace
- Team up with the wildest gangsters from all over the world to take over the city

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