Throne Rush Android Game Mobile Game

Throne Rush Android Game Mobile Game
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Throne Rush Android Game Mobile Game Description

Facebook "Best game of 2014" category winner.
Over 11 million players on the battlefield!
Half a million 'five star' reviews
Contemporary example of the best RTS games.

Play the MMORPG game Throne Rush and you will uncover:

- Stunning fantasy world, divided into several continents;
- Extracting and collecting resources, erecting buildings and defensive towers;
- RTS part of the gameplay with wide opportunities for economic development;
- More than 11 million active players;
- More than 18 types of battle units. You can level up each warrior just as in any traditional MMO game;
- Unique heroes: archer or wizard - there are lots of them with special abilities for everyone;
- A quest system which will keep you busy every single day;
- Ruthless PVP battles, smiting enemies' castles into dust. Get ready and FIRE!
- Epic raids for bosses. No monster will escape!
- Tons of clans and endless war between them;
- Strategy alliances and massive magic battles;
- MMO game with no time limits. Countless players, innumerable ways to improve your castle and every quest or a PVP victory is a step to new explorations and progress. The MMO fans will highly rate the variety of quests;
- Priceless help from your mates;
The Throne will be yours, King!

My king, rally your army! Throne Rush awaits! An award-winning free-to-play RTS game with more than 11 million players from all over the world - it is your own Empire, your fantasy world!

Turn your castle into an inaccessible fortress, while your army occupies new lands! Not a single warrior, goblin or elf will disobey your orders, my king! You are a true hero for your troops and a real monster for your enemies. Create your own clan and join a powerful alliance so everyone will see your might. This up-to-date MMO will help you to realize the most daring ambitions!

Build a city with no boundaries as the war demands for a prosperous economy. While the town of one enemy is still burning out, your army will rain fire down on another citadel. Your crown will unite lands and your alliance will establish an order. You can spill the blood of any of your enemies. Or you can defend your homagers from the evil Goblin King and beat him while raiding with your mates. He is a scaring monster! Quest will help you to enjoy your rest and fill the treasuries. In the best traditions of beloved RTS games.

The best Empire is your own Empire. There are no other's land, only unoccupied lands!
Maybe you are a powerful and invincible king? If you have at least one real elf in your army, the ice is broken. You should recruit a couple of furious trolls, a dozen dragons - and they will attract a mighty but a friendly monster. You will need epic heroes to help you and a strong alliance for your clan. It is a good start for a dizzy ascent!
Meanwhile your home village has become a stone castle and flags are soaring on its towers. Add some victories and a good luck to unite a whole Empire under the power of your crown.

Do you have any issues or questions? We will help you!
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