Numbers Games Mobile Game

Numbers Games Mobile Game
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Tags: number , math , puzzle , brain , logic , think , kid , boy , girl , learn

Numbers Games Mobile Game Description

The game develops logical thinking, attention, memory, imagination.

The game is optimized for Android phones and tablets.

dhY'dhY 5 games in one
dhY'dhY Simple and intuitive interface
dhY'dhY Colorful and vivid graphics
dhY'dhY Fun and addictive
dhY'dhY Fit for all ages
dhY'dhY Light-weight download
dhY'dhY The game is designed for phones and tablets
dhY'dhY FREE to play

dhY GAMES                
dhY'dhY Puzzle 2248 - In the numbers game 2248 you must search between identical numbers and connect numbers whose connection result
                 is equal to the number next to them. Try to reach the highest number and not reach a situation where you will
                 have no more moves left. The numbers game 2248 will require you to quickly calculate the connection between
                 numbers and run a strategy: which numbers would you prefer to connect with each other over other
                 connection options. Remember that you must reach high numbers and not get stuck without moves.
dhY'dhY Calc Sum - The sum of the connected numbers should be equal to the requested sum. Try to find as much sum as you can.
dhY'dhY Gomoku - Gomoku is an abstract strategy board game, also called Gobang,Tic Tac Toe or Five in a Row.
            The winner is the first player to get an unbroken row of five figures horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.
            This is the classic strategy game that  develops logical thinking and concentration.
dhY'dhY Count - The goal of the game is to determine which numbers are the most on the screen.
dhY'dhY Hexagon - The goal is to drag pieces to board and fill up all grids.
            Simply drag and place the hexa blocks into blank space. Once you start, you will not stop playing.
            This brain teaser is kind of relaxing games!

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