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Samsung Galaxy S5 Expectations, Specifications and Price in India

Written by JOJY on March 27, 2014 – 12:58 pm -


It won’t be a surprise to anyone who follows Samsung and their Galaxy range of smartphones that last years hugely successful S4 is very soon going to be followed up by the imaginatively entitled S5. It is expected to cost around INR 45,500 for the 16Gb version when it is launched April 30th 2014. It is a little more expensive than the initial price for the S4 which launched at around INR 41,500, but then you are getting a lot more for your rupees. So what can we expect from it?

The first thing you’ll notice is its Super AMOLED, 5.1”, full HD display fully utilising all of its 1920 x 1080 pixels; the display is a whole 0.1” larger than the S4. Whilst the screen size hasn’t changed that much, the processor has had a significant improvement. The S5 will now sport a 2.5Ghz Quad core Snapdragon processor and will, as expected, run the latest version of Android namely 4.4.2; also known as KitKat.

The second thing to note is the design. For those of you familiar with the Galaxy range, you won’t be surprised by the design cues Samsung has taken with its new flagship phone. Despite many pre-launch rumours speculating it would be released with a hugely radical different design, the S5 reaches the market looking very much like its predecessors. It also borrows some aspects from the Galaxy Note ‘phablet’, but that can hardly be described as a bad thing. The main change is the back of the phone which is now textured. Whilst it is still plastic, it looks and feels much nicer to hold.

As smartphones get more powerful, the thing you always need is a better battery and the S5 delivers in that aspect too. According to Samsung, the 2800 mAh battery will deliver 12 hours of video playback. Even if you don’t spend all day watching YouTube or the latest movies, it should be more than powerful enough to last you all day. If that sounds impressive, then you’ll love the battery-saving new Ultra Power Saving Mode, but more on that later.

So far, so technical, but what does the S5 have in terms of new features. Thankfully the S5 has a plethora of them. Hot on the heels of the iPhone 5S, the S5 has more in common with Apple’s latest than a letter and a number.  The new S5 will include a fingerprint scanner. Not only to secure your mobile payments but also to access what Samsung are calling ‘Private Mode’; an area of your phone that no-one else will be able to access without your fingerprint. It isn’t the only mode the Galaxy S5 has. There is also ‘Kids Mode’ that has dedicated apps to protect your children (or anyone else’s for that matter) from inappropriate content whilst they are using it. While we are in ‘mode’…mode, the potentially most useful one is the aforementioned Ultra Power Saving Mode. In an effort to squeeze every ounce of power from the battery, UPSM will automatically turn your screen to black and white and turn off every feature, other than calls and texts, when your battery is almost dead. Samsung estimate that that last 10% of your battery could last another 24 hours in this mode. We’ll have to wait and see if that’s true.

For the keen photographers amongst you, the S5 will serve you well. If you thought the 13MP (megapixels) camera on the S4 was impressive, Samsung’s latest will pack a rear-facing camera with 16MP. It will also shoot 4K video at 30 fps (frames per second) with options to include video stabilisation, HDR and selective focus. The latter feature allows you to change focus in your photos after they’ve been taken. Fancy.

The other big new feature included in the new S5 is the heart rate monitor, situated just below the rear-facing camera. More and more of our gadgets are increasingly keen to tell us just how fit, or unfit, we are and Samsung is long-jumping on the bandwagon big time. The sensor will work with the pre-installed, much-improved S Health 3.0 app to track your activities. Time will tell just how useful it proves to be, but when paired with one of Samsung’s three new smart watches or even the soon to be released S Band, the trend for fitness monitoring might just have the S5 to thank for kick-starting it.

One key, but often overlooked feature, is especially prevalent for India is that the phone is IP67 (Ingress Protection) certified; a feature shared with the Sony Xperia Z1. This means it is totally protected against dust and also against the effect of water between 15cm and 1m.  A feature you’re only happy you’ve got when disaster strikes.

So has the list of new features convinced you to invest your hard-earned rupees on the S5?  It’s not long to wait now until the launch and I’m sure you’ll agree the new Galaxy is out of this world.

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