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LG Optimus G Mobile Review

Written by JOJY on October 24, 2012 – 1:44 pm -

The latest addition from LG, the Optimus G has been launched just at the start of this month, and so far consumers are welcoming the device well. As has been the strategy employed by LG in the past, with the Optimus G the firm has once again tried to have one of their products accommodate as much high end parts and services as  can possibly be put into a single device. To some extent the firm has been successful with the Optimus G though the only thing which has had to suffer is its size. Similar to other up sized smart phones in the market today, this addition from LG isn’t exactly something you would fit in to your trousers pocket and go about your day comfortably, the inside pocket on your coat, or maybe in a small bag, would be locations better suited for this device. Measuring at slightly over 5 inches tall, with a width of nearly three inches and less than an inch thick, this device is quite prominent, in the hand and pocket.


Though there are other features of the phone which make it equally prominent in other arenas. For instance the Optimus G is one of the few quad core powered smart phones in the market. This time LG has taken to Qualcomm for its processing solutions, acquiring one of Qualcomm’s debutant quad core chips. Also to accompany the quad core processor the device is equipped with Android 4.0 operating system to really get the most out of the hardware on the phone. The latest version of Android will not only provide users with a  new experience but it will also mean that this phone will be compatible with more upcoming releases of Android, and it would be great if the much anticipated Android 5 generation can also run on this device. Not only is the processor a great step forward but some varieties off this handset offered by other vendors and service providers features a 13 megapixel camera on the back, though an eight megapixel camera is standard on the device. With lightning fast LTE speeds this phone is bound to surpass all your connectivity and communication needs.

Even though there is a lot in this device which is bound to come in handy to many users there is still not much which is unique to this device, or something which you will not find on any other device. Much of the competition for this device offers, similar, if not better performance and functionality than the Optimus G. For instance other products such as the iPhone 5 or the HTC One X offers similar technology though with their own added benefits. LG has been successful in managing to give its competitors a tougher time but has not done much to secure its own position in the smart phone market.

One of the problems which consumers will certainly come across as they use the device is the battery consumption problem. The large screen, as colorful as it may be, as well as the blazing processor ripping through commands, is quite a drain on the battery pack and keeping the phone charged is a task in itself. Speaking of the bright screen, it is a power demanding display due largely to its size. At 4.7 inches it is larger than other smart phone screens and offers a pixel per inch density (PPI) of 320, whereas devices such as the iPhone 5 and Nokia Lumia 920 deliver 326 PPI and 332 PPI respectively.

It will be interesting to see how consumers measure this device against others in the market and how far the high end hardware takes LG.

Check LG Optimus G Mobile Specification here.

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