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Live Streaming Equipment Setup for Gaming, Events And Offices

Written by danish on March 19, 2021 – 10:54 am -

For a booming business, gaming or events– live streaming has become a prime necessity in 2021. Remember how well streaming services played the role during Coronavirus crises. For contacting customers, streaming live events or establishing a live contact with your employees, live streaming has remained at par with excellence. Now it has become a necessity and you need the best live streaming gear to do it professionally. 

Although to remain in touch with your close relatives you can immediately go live with your phone but for business meetings or live streaming games you need proper setup and hardware. So if you are wondering ‘what equipment do I need to live stream games or what equipment do I need to conduct virtual meetings’ all the answers are given in this guide for live streaming which you can do on the following platforms:

  • Twitch
  • Periscope
  • Facebook Watch
  • YouTube Live
  • Mixer

There are some streaming services which charge a nominal price to help you set up your meetings with your customers and employees but if you are streaming solely for entertainment like games and videos, you can try free services. 


This post covers the following topics to help you set up your first live stream. 

  • Cameras
  • Audio Equipment
  • Mixer
  • A Content Delivery Network/Platform 
  • Encoders
  • Accessories
  • Live Streaming With Your Smartphone 
  • Streaming Equipment for Holy Places And Other Important Events
  • Video Streaming Accessories
  • Conclusion

How do I Set up My First Live Stream?

You need to choose gaming gear or equipment in order to broadcast your first live stream on Twitch, Youtube or even a paid content delivery network that you have chosen for meetings, there are few things you will need to begin with. You need to follow the four major basics to begin your first live stream right now.
  1. Video/Audio Source – This means the equipment you need such as cameras/webcams for video; while for audio you will need microphones and mixers etc. 
  2. Encoder – An encoder will help you put your video footage on the internet 
  3. Streaming Platform – Today, streaming platforms are free such as YouTube, Twitch, Facebook and others. You can use any of these platforms wherever your target audiences are. For business meetings you can buy a premium membership with a streaming service like IBM video etc. 
  4. Stable Internet – For better quality of streaming you’d always need a better internet connection with solid bandwidth to avoid lagging or poor quality results 

Once you have all these things at hand, you can set up your first streaming sessions by connecting your video and audio devices with the encoder and connecting them to the internet. Once you are done with all these you can begin your very first streaming session of live footage immediately. 

We mentioned above the most primary things you need for the first live stream. Let’s dig further deep to see the hardware part that you need

Video Cameras

Video cameras are primary equipment for broadcasting your gaming stream. Many cameras typically come for live streaming otherwise you would be baffled with tons of different cameras. Choose a good quality video camera from some of the popular brands like Canon, Sony, Panasonic or any other.

Cameras come in different price ranges from entry level to pro. You can even pick a camera like Panasonic HC-VX981K which comes under $700 or a mirrorless, DSLR prosumer 4K camera which might cost you around $800-3,000. 

These cameras come with good video quality, standard HDMI, XLR and SDI. The mirrorless and 4K cameras provide excellent footage quality with tons of features. Pro gamers and business entities use high quality cameras to avoid the hassle. However, there are even the best cameras which cost around $1,500 to $25,000. 

The best example of such cameras is Panasonic AG-CX350 4K, which costs around $3,695. It depends upon your affordability. You can choose this camera for cinematic results. Your streaming footage will be over the top. 


Audio is considered even more important than the video footage. You need to choose your audio equipment wisely for live streaming as if there is an issue with the audio during your stream it’s going to cost you reputation.So you can even compromise on video quality but you need to choose a high quality microphone for audio. 


Pro streamers use mixers to switch between the angles, equipment and cameras. To capture the multiple videos and audios of the same situation a mixer is used. It’s optional you may not need it at all. But it’s safe to use a mixer for your stream.

For different camera angles pro streamers use switchers which gives liberty to switch between different cameras for better angles. You can use a high quality production switcher that might cost around $2,000+ and easily connect 4 HDMI cameras  cand 4 SDI cameras. It depends upon the device you buy. There are few things you should consider seriously for a mixer such as its size, inputs/outputs, automation, processing and interface etc. 

Using a Software Encoder/ Hardware Encoder 

You can also use computer software like OBS. You can use a separate source to capture the audio which is very useful. You can compress big files into fluid videos and images with an encoder. An encoder never compromises the quality of media for business purposes. There are many things that an encoder can do for your first live stream. We have mentioned few below:
  • Compress files 
  • Ensure connectivity for your stream
  • Control resolution/aspect ratio
  • Change file formats 
  • Change audio quality
  • Attain certain bitrate 
  • Ensure compatibility with streaming services or platforms 

The hardware encoders are designed to perform all the necessary processes. The content becomes streamable. These encoders can support your 24/7 live streaming without lagging or stopping. 

The computing devices support software for performing different streaming functions as most of the popular encoding software are recognized and recommended by the platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitch etc. The most popular encoding software are vMix, Wirecast, OBS and VidBlasterX etc. 

Most popular Twitch streamers and YouTubers like PewDiePie use one of these mentioned encoders. They come either free or cheap. For rich live streaming media you can always choose one of these software. 

How Do I Live Stream From My Mobile?

If you are wondering how ‘Do I Live Stream From My Mobile Phone Or What Equipment Do I Need For Live Streaming From My Phone?’ You can easily stream from your mobile phone like most of the youtubers, insta and facebook users do. However, many have started streaming to Twitch while on the go. It does not require many things as it comes to Hardware.

If you have a latest smartphone like Samsung or iPhone 12 Pro or mini, you can easily live stream from different locations. You will need a stable internet connection. Although you can directly livestream from your phone, adding smartphone Gimbal, ball-head tripod, external microphone and portable light accessories to your smartphone gear can even make your stream look very professional. 

How Do I Livestream From My Office To The Large Audience Or Holy Churches

If you are streaming to large audiences like delivery holy sermons from Churches or that could be your company employees or an event very necessary for your business. In either of the cases, you need proper tools or hardware to make streaming work properly.

The truth is streaming on a platform like Facebook, Instagram or YouTube from your smartphone is way easier, but we are less sure about the quality of the video stream. You need to buy hardware such as a professional camera, tripod, mixer/switcher and choose a platform. 

We have already discussed much about the streaming you need for professional live streaming. The prices make a big difference and the quality of stream depends on the type of equipment you use. So you need to upgrade your equipment and invest money that gives a good return. 

There are some accessories that you would need if you are not streaming from a smartphone. These accessories include:

  • Good quality cables
  • Tripods
  • Batteries 
  • Lighting equipment etc. 

These accessories will make your live stream a marvelous experience of high quality. Out of all these, tripods have a very important place without which you’d have a shaky stream. You can keep adding equipment and replacing old ones with the latest ones or buy the whole set up at once.

You need to use a CDN or content delivery network for professional streams. It’s highly necessary to make sure that your audiences are getting the best quality content delivered to them which only CDN can ensure.  There are many content delivery networks which provide professional services to their clients they ensure, quality, sound and connectivity at par with excellence. 


If you have read this whole post you know that the viewers will not tolerate a shaky, grainy or a stream with poor sound quality. You need to buy equipment for all types of streams for gaming, events, office meetings or holy ceremonies. Even if you are streaming to Twitch or YouTube still you need a proper set up to stream. 

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Essential Software For Online Learning

Written by danish on March 18, 2021 – 9:20 am -

The situation that we find ourselves the world over calls for digital learning in schools. With the wave of lockdown that is sweeping across the major countries of the world; this is the time for students to adapt to a suitable app that will make learning from home easy and adaptable. What you are about reading are some of the software that you can rely on to get the best interaction online with your course of study. Let’s take a look at the list, crafted by

Antivirus software

When you visit several sites downloading and sharing files, there are risks involved in doing that to your laptop or desktop. You must put in place checks and balances that will protect you from malware. This can be achieved with the introduction of antivirus software in your system.

Activity controllers

 There are loads of distractions online. Many students will end up spending valuable time online for the very wrong reasons. You can achieve checks and balances that will keep you in line and focused through activity controller software when you install this into your device.

Grammar and language checkers

The highest grades can only be gotten when your essay is free from grammatical errors. It is important to install the grammar and language checkers into your device. This will save the student the labor of correcting every word that they put down.

Are you still not sure about the relevant software that will make you stand out in e-learning? You can get more info through Basic Software for Students to Help with Online Learning.


You are going to deal with a large volume of work online and there is the need to stay organized. You will not get far if you decide to use note-taking apps to create the numerous documents that you are going to deal with. The document-creating tool will save you from a lot of issues.


Mind maps organize information and make it easier for the brain to memorize. In the same way, it will be easy with a flashcard creating software which will make it possible for you to create a set of questions with the answers to be able to test your academic ability.

Online learning software

It is important to choose a platform that will have you completely covered if you wanted to achieve the best results on offer. The brilliant learning software should come with the capacity to produce diverse features, plans, resources, and instructors. Go through the features on each platform and compare the prices that come with each of them before making a final decision.


If you are the type that likes to study in groups; then this software is a must addition for you. 


There is no argument about the fact that you cannot depend on your brain to remember all that you are going to come across during online classes. You need the note-taking apps to get through. The models that add sticky notes to your screen will serve the best purpose.

Mind Mapping

This is one software that you cannot do without in E-learning because of the diverse ways it can be of use in online learning.

Final thought

The above software is needed to achieve the best results that you can trust to achieve the results that will make E-learning comfortable.

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Fortnite Maker Epic Games Buys Video Chat App Houseparty

Written by danish on April 18, 2020 – 12:09 pm -

If you follow the world of online video gaming, then you are probably familiar with the four-player shooter survival game called Fortnite. The objective of the game is to kill the zombie creatures that try to attack you and your fortifications. It is a massive survival game that was created by Epic Games.

Source Getwalls

There are already over 100 million people who play Fortnite and its three gaming modes, which are Fortnite: Save the World, Fortnite Battle Royale, and Fortnite Creative. In case you are looking for a platform to meet fellow gamers, you should have a look at This website allows you to search for people with similar interests -gaming, for example.

Epic Games pulls in hundreds of millions of dollars per month from the Fortnite series alone. Their main goal has been to expand the reach of Fortnite to as many platforms as possible.

Image The Hauter Fly

As a result, Epic Games made a deal to purchase the video chat application called Houseparty. The company that developed the application, Life on Air, wanted to venture into the gaming industry by integrating video games into their own video chat application. Why did they think this was a good idea? Simple. The people who play Fortnite had been using Houseparty to chat with their friends. So, it seemed logical for Houseparty and Fortnite to combine together.

The deal was announced last June of 2019. Epic Games did not get into any specific details regarding their future plans for modifying Houseparty. It appears as if they’ll leave the basic functionality of the video chat application the same for now. However, that doesn’t mean there won’t be some changes in the future.

Their long-term plan is to create shared experiences between the video chat application and the game, making both of them more fun to use. They want the people who play Fortnite to have an easier and more convenient way to video chat with their friends. That is why the Houseparty integration will work out so well for them.

Epic Games did not just purchase the Houseparty video chat application. They also purchased Life on Air, which was the company that developed the application. That means Epic Games will acquire ownership of the company’s other popular applications.

Some of which include the once popular live-streaming application called Meerkat. It is an application that lets as many as eight different people conduct a video chat with each other at the same time. Many teenagers grew to love the application because it offers a convenient way for them to video chat with multiple friends simultaneously.


Houseparty currently has a new CEO named Sima Sistani. He will continue to oversee the function and operation of the application once the acquisition between the two companies is complete. However, statistics related to user analytics and data have not been released by the company yet. Critics wonder whether Houseparty is even popular anymore.

Sensor Tower, which is an analytics firm, released a report indicating that an estimated 35 million installations of Houseparty occurred on Android and iOS mobile devices. Roughly 40% of those installations came from users who were not in the United States. That might not seem like a lot of installations compared to Snapchat’s 125+ million installations, but it is definitely something the company can work with.

Perhaps Epic Games will be successful in expanding the number of installations after the integration with their games is complete. We shall see.

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Tik Tok Musically Complete How To Guide

Written by danish on July 23, 2019 – 1:22 pm -

Tik Tok started as a social media app for creating small music video clips for sharing with friends and followers. This modern age karaoke was extensively adopted and used by the young generation as a most expressive way to show their skills of singing, dancing, comedic excellence and lipsyncing. Recently was changed to Tik Tok with a more expressive logo and many superb features to give users a chance to record and create 15 seconds videos to share with the rest of the world or only friends.

How To Create An Account on Tik Tok?

Anyone who wants to use Tik Tok for contributing or viewing has to sign up using their one of the social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Email address. The users are called “musers” at Tik Tok.

How Tik Tok Works?

Tik Tok has the latest popular features of both apps with feeds to highlight user community along with “FOR You” that can be used to create a unique personalized video clip which is based on recommendations by the viewers.

How to Make A Tik Tok Video?

Download Tik Tok app from App Store and install it, create an account on it. Click “Plus” icon, click on “Music” for adding a song/music you want to add to your clip. Then publish it or save it.

Are Tik Tok Accounts Private?

The Tik Tok accounts are public by default. However, you can change the privacy from settings to private/friends only.

how to tik tok videos

How to Change Tik Tok Account Privacy from Public to Private?

hot change privacy settings in tiktok

Go to your profile by tapping on the head icon and click the image. Click “Privacy And Settings” and then “Privacy And Safety.” From there you can change the privacy of your Tik Tok profile to private. Only users you want to show your videos to can access your video while your profile remains public.

How to Block or Unblock A User on Tik Tok?

report tik tok account
Image Vox

To block a user on Tik Tok visit your profile, click “…” icon to your top right corner and click “block this user.” To unblock the user follow the same.

Can I Report An Inappropriate Video on Tik Tok?

Yes, a Tik Tok user can report comments, videos or other profiles which they find inappropriate or against the Tik Tok community guidelines.

How To Report Abuse on Tok Tok?

Any Tik Tok user can flag or report unethical or inappropriate video, profile or comment by pressing “…” and then clicking “Report Abuse.”

How To Use Tik Tok on PC/Laptop?

You can keep enjoying the thrill of Tik Tok on PC/Laptop by downloading it with Bluestacks or Memu player. There are several other software are available that allow you to use Tik Tok on PC or Laaptop.

What Is The Story Behind Creation of Tik Tok?

creator of tictoc

Two Chinese tech guys and long time friends Alex Zhu and Luyu Yang from Shanghai, China created first that was changed to Tik Tok later.

They wanted to create a small video sharing platform where the students can share their educational experiences and help other students to learn with expert teachers quickly about all the different subjects. The teachers could create small lesson video tutorials up to 5-minute-long to send to students.

Who Owns Tik Tok App?

The creator of Tik Tok formerly ByteDance created and now owns these apps. They claim themselves to be rather artificial intelligence company not only creators of a social media platform.

How to Make Money on Tik Tok?

make money on tik toc

A Tik Tok user can earn as much money as he wants from receiving gifts from his viewers. At the moment only live videos can earn money. The live streamers on Tik Tok receive gifts which cost real money. Tik Tok takes a portion of it as commission and pays the remaining amount to the user.

How to Save A Video in Tik Tok Gallery Without Publishing it?

save video as draft tikto

After installing the app from app store and logging into your account, click on “Share” tab seen at the right-bottom of the screen and click to “Save Locally.” Choosing the “Save Video” will save it without publishing it.

Who Are Most Followers Users on Tik Tok?

Lisa and Lena rank first with 33 million followers, Loren Gray holds the second seat with 31 million followers while Baby Ariel has 30 million followers. They are the most followed accounts on Tik Tok.

Who Has The Most Tik Tok Fans in India?

An Indian account with Manjul is the most followed Indian user on Tik Tok with 10 million followers.

What is the Age Limit For Tik Tok?

The app is not recommended for teens as it has a lot of mature content. As a rule Tik Tok requires a user should be at least 13 years of age to use it and anyone under the age of 18 must have parents’ approval to use it.

How To Save Tik Tok Videos As Wallpaper on iOS?

save tik tok video as photo

In your iPhone open Tik Tok app and find the video you want to save as a wallpaper. Click on “share” button the curved arrow that you see and click Live Photo from the actions the second option. The video will be automatically converted and saved as a photo in your photo app.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Expectations, Specifications and Price in India

Written by JOJY on March 27, 2014 – 12:58 pm -


It won’t be a surprise to anyone who follows Samsung and their Galaxy range of smartphones that last years hugely successful S4 is very soon going to be followed up by the imaginatively entitled S5. It is expected to cost around INR 45,500 for the 16Gb version when it is launched April 30th 2014. It is a little more expensive than the initial price for the S4 which launched at around INR 41,500, but then you are getting a lot more for your rupees. So what can we expect from it?

The first thing you’ll notice is its Super AMOLED, 5.1”, full HD display fully utilising all of its 1920 x 1080 pixels; the display is a whole 0.1” larger than the S4. Whilst the screen size hasn’t changed that much, the processor has had a significant improvement. The S5 will now sport a 2.5Ghz Quad core Snapdragon processor and will, as expected, run the latest version of Android namely 4.4.2; also known as KitKat.

The second thing to note is the design. For those of you familiar with the Galaxy range, you won’t be surprised by the design cues Samsung has taken with its new flagship phone. Despite many pre-launch rumours speculating it would be released with a hugely radical different design, the S5 reaches the market looking very much like its predecessors. It also borrows some aspects from the Galaxy Note ‘phablet’, but that can hardly be described as a bad thing. The main change is the back of the phone which is now textured. Whilst it is still plastic, it looks and feels much nicer to hold.

As smartphones get more powerful, the thing you always need is a better battery and the S5 delivers in that aspect too. According to Samsung, the 2800 mAh battery will deliver 12 hours of video playback. Even if you don’t spend all day watching YouTube or the latest movies, it should be more than powerful enough to last you all day. If that sounds impressive, then you’ll love the battery-saving new Ultra Power Saving Mode, but more on that later.

So far, so technical, but what does the S5 have in terms of new features. Thankfully the S5 has a plethora of them. Hot on the heels of the iPhone 5S, the S5 has more in common with Apple’s latest than a letter and a number.  The new S5 will include a fingerprint scanner. Not only to secure your mobile payments but also to access what Samsung are calling ‘Private Mode’; an area of your phone that no-one else will be able to access without your fingerprint. It isn’t the only mode the Galaxy S5 has. There is also ‘Kids Mode’ that has dedicated apps to protect your children (or anyone else’s for that matter) from inappropriate content whilst they are using it. While we are in ‘mode’…mode, the potentially most useful one is the aforementioned Ultra Power Saving Mode. In an effort to squeeze every ounce of power from the battery, UPSM will automatically turn your screen to black and white and turn off every feature, other than calls and texts, when your battery is almost dead. Samsung estimate that that last 10% of your battery could last another 24 hours in this mode. We’ll have to wait and see if that’s true.

For the keen photographers amongst you, the S5 will serve you well. If you thought the 13MP (megapixels) camera on the S4 was impressive, Samsung’s latest will pack a rear-facing camera with 16MP. It will also shoot 4K video at 30 fps (frames per second) with options to include video stabilisation, HDR and selective focus. The latter feature allows you to change focus in your photos after they’ve been taken. Fancy.

The other big new feature included in the new S5 is the heart rate monitor, situated just below the rear-facing camera. More and more of our gadgets are increasingly keen to tell us just how fit, or unfit, we are and Samsung is long-jumping on the bandwagon big time. The sensor will work with the pre-installed, much-improved S Health 3.0 app to track your activities. Time will tell just how useful it proves to be, but when paired with one of Samsung’s three new smart watches or even the soon to be released S Band, the trend for fitness monitoring might just have the S5 to thank for kick-starting it.

One key, but often overlooked feature, is especially prevalent for India is that the phone is IP67 (Ingress Protection) certified; a feature shared with the Sony Xperia Z1. This means it is totally protected against dust and also against the effect of water between 15cm and 1m.  A feature you’re only happy you’ve got when disaster strikes.

So has the list of new features convinced you to invest your hard-earned rupees on the S5?  It’s not long to wait now until the launch and I’m sure you’ll agree the new Galaxy is out of this world.

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