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If you are looking for a woman who is going to dedicate her time to cherish, love, and respect you; then look no further. I'm a single African female looking for a single, mature-minded man who knows what he wants in life and who does not play games. I'm a humble, sweet, considerate, and polite young lady. I'm a well-educated young woman who is strong-minded, detailed and goal-oriented and do not want any drama in her life. My main focus is to help others, spend time with family and surround myself with good and positive-minded people. I'm not the wild partying type; so you will not find me in the local clubs or bar rooms. I love peace. I do not have any children for now. Meanwhile I believe in working hard for the things that I want in life. My goals are to achieve as much as I possibly can with the gifts and talents that God has blessed me to have. I'm not materialistic. I'm positive-minded and I'm not hard to please.

I'm also a romantic at heart and a great believer in equality and justice. I tend to build strong and lasting relationships, preferring to channel my energies into something long term and worthwhile. I'm the kind of woman who would prepare a candle-light dinner from scratch, complete with a homemade dessert with soft, romantic music playing in the background while gazing into your eyes and consuming myself in conversation with you. You would have my undivided attention and I would do my best to keep a nice smile on your face. I would pamper you and I'm the kind of woman who would meet you at the front door to greet you after a long days work with a hug and a tender kisses while the aroma of delicious cooking coming from the kitchen
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I seek for a complete honest, positive minded man

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