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    Would rather not say
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    Feb 14
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    United States
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    Samsung Samsung Galaxy A7
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About Me
Nothing that can be verified unless you know me in person.
The unverified info regarding me is that I'm an artist and photographer who has done a lot of things online and offline.
I do have several webpages on several website where I promote my work.

One of them is : https://niume.com/profile/112595#!/posts
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digital art, photography, cyberspace, apps, etc.

Favorte Music
ambient, electronica

Favorite Movies
Documentaries, horror, sci-fi,

Favorite Games

dictionaries English and Spanish

Turn On
Being an asshole to people who deserve it, going on vacation, doing something creative, reading something interesting, escaping boredom, getting even,

Turn Off
California, anal people, rude drivers, heavy traffic, cloudy days, cold weather, going to court, working too hard, etc.

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