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    Nokia N73
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'' I m BOrN To LIve NT TO exiST''
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to play hockey and to drive

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kutty Photo poorfellow007 - Mar 07, 2009 09:53:52 AM

my dear i have no friends in my life. if dont mind please accept me as your friend.

sam Photo sam_kat69 - Sep 14, 2008 12:33:22 PM

hey wass uppp!!!!!!

Saurabh Singh Photo daredevils - Aug 01, 2008 07:58:08 AM

[color=#FF0000][i]Hiiii ! Happy Friendship Day ! !!

khan Photo rehman99919 - Jul 26, 2008 03:31:40 AM

hiiiiiiiii Punjabi kudia how are you? do you like my friendshep?