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Play Jigsaw: Thistle Game

Jigsaw: Thistle

Category: Jigsaw Games
Tags: thistle, flower, weed, jigsaw, puzzle, garden
The thistle has a pretty pink flower. Put the flower back together.
Play Barn Buddy Game

Barn Buddy

Category: Strategy Games
Tags: Strategy, Multiplayer, Life & Style
Look after your friends' farms and grow some crops together! Or be naughty, steal their crops and add bugs and weeds to the...
Play Kill All Weeds! Game

Kill All Weeds!

Category: Action Games
Tags: mutant, weeds, shooter, skill, action, teen, funny
Kill the mutant weeds before they destroy your house, and save the innocents!

Play White water rafting trip Game

White water rafting trip

Category: Action Games
Tags: White, water, rafting, trip, exciting, dodge, dodging, coins, scoreboard, rocks, seaweed, trash, boat, boats, awards, achievements, forever
Dodge seaweed and rocks while collecting coins and earning awards in this fast paced game. This is only my second flash game ...
Play Weedz Game


Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: flowers shapes puzzle z-fox
Join up flowers as fast as you can to earn points.
Play Platform Druggy Game

Platform Druggy

Category: Adventure Games
Tags: platform xtc drugs weed fun smiley smiley emoticon dodge jump levels
You are a druggy in need of xtc get as many tablets as possible! you have infinitive lives and can submit your highscores at an...
Play Flowers and Weeds Game

Flowers and Weeds

Category: Other Games
Tags: Flower, Weed, Arcade
The game's objective is to keep the flower garden free from weeds. If weeds get to grow near the flowers, they will slowly ...