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Play Verista Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: tower defense, strategy, magic, mage
The Vikings have might, but Verista has one thing they don't: magic.
Play MonsterInvasion Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: monster, london, attack, trap, titoonic, betapilot, sideview, betapilot
Just when you least expect it, London gets invaded by Monster Vikings...
Play Orbit Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: space, orbit, star, planet, moon, bash, viking, badviking
Smash into planets, burst through stars and go into Orbit in this easy to play game.

Play Planet Basher Game

Planet Basher

Category: Action Games
Tags: planet, basher, star, collect, magnet, shower, dust, stardust, space, rocket, ship, viking, badviking
Your country needs YOU! Save the world by taking to the skies and bringing back as much stardust as you can carry. You are a pi...
Play Modern Vikings: The Race to Tortola Game

Modern Vikings: The Race to Tortola

Category: Adventure Games
Tags: driving, money, police, chase, hustle
Modern Vikings puts you in the shoes of a Modern Viking or Utrasarvikingur as they are called in Iceland. Your objective is to ...
Play Planet Basher 2 Game

Planet Basher 2

Category: Action Games
Tags: planet, basher, space, star, stardust, viking, badviking
Your country needs YOU (again)! Travel in search of precious stardust and only return if you are victorious. Can you co...
Play GearCopter Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: gear, copter, gearcopter, viking, badviking
Compete for the high score in this fast-paced game.
Play Maelstrom and Mead Game

Maelstrom and Mead

Category: Other Games
Tags: viking, vikings, mead, longships, maelstrom, kraken, Scandinavia
Tap Spacebar to row and use the WASD to navigate around a deadly maelstrom and avoid a deadly kraken all while trying to recove...
Play Futhark - Odin's Quest Game

Futhark - Odin's Quest

Category: Adventure Games
Tags: Match 3, Runes, Highscore, IceGamer, Odin, Vikings, gods, dark, brooding, great, poetic edda, havamal
The god Odin went to great lengths to gather as much knowledge as possible. The power of the Runes was one of those things. Fol...
Play Viking Raider Game

Viking Raider

Category: Action Games
Tags: Viking Raider
Walk through the forests and castles, chopping down monks with your axe.