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Play Typing Arcaniod Game

Typing Arcaniod

Category: Education Games
Tags: typing, type, typewriting, education, shoot, fast, skill
Improve your typing skills and play game in one time!
Play War of the Words Game

War of the Words

Category: Action Games
Tags: education, typing, type, word, space, fight, shoot, explode
Practice and perfect your typing skills! Fifteen levels extreme typing!
Play Key Krusher Game

Key Krusher

Category: Action Games
Tags: keyboard, type, typing, learn, learning, fast, action, arcade, high scores, challenging
Press the keys that are coming at you on your keyboard before they crash into the screen! Get extra points for being quick, or ...

Play ?????? Fruity Express Game

?????? Fruity Express

Category: Other Games
Tags: express, fast, typing, zh-cn
Play ?????? Fruity Express Mobile Game

?????? Fruity Express Mobile

Category: Racing Games
Tags: express, fast, typing, zh-cn
Play Launch Code Game

Launch Code

Category: Action Games
Tags: typing, space, invaders, launch, code, typer, earth, adventure, action, shooting, educational
The Earth is under attack. Every night a swarm of aliens descend upon us, breaking into the Earth's atmosphere and leaving ...
Play From A to Z Game

From A to Z

Category: Education Games
Tags: typing, timed, speed
Follow the onscreen instructions to play.
Play B-Speed Typer III Game

B-Speed Typer III

Category: Action Games
Tags: word, typing, type, keyboard, speed, random, action, education, puzzle, puzzles, other, zombie
Test out your typing skills against ever more power zombie horde, the faster that you type the quicker you clear them off the s...
Play Type Fast Game

Type Fast

Category: Education Games
Tags: type, typing, learn typing, type fast
Set of 3 games, which can help you to train fast typing. 1. Drop Down - words drop from top. 2. Fast Run - try to type word...
Play Numeric Maze China Game

Numeric Maze China

Category: Education Games
Tags: num pad, keyboard, typing, chinese, china, fast
???????????????????????Num Lock??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????"??"??????????????...