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Play Ping Pong Champion Game

Ping Pong Champion

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: ping pong sports webcam shoot shooter shooting
Ping Pong Champion is a pong game with a twist! It uses your webcam to detect movement (also works with mouse). Shoot...
Play Survive Game


Category: Adventure Games
Tags: avoid, quick, survive, survive dx, points, mouse
A modern twist on the classic game of "avoid." Uses mouse for smooth control.
Play Twist Bang Game

Twist Bang

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: match, puzzle, match 3, block, casual
Twist and match the blocks to create immense combos. Outsmart the fiendish bombs and locks, unleash the powerful glowing blocks...

Play Cyberclasm Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: Cyberclasm, Callan Carr, Neo-Arcade
A Neo-Arcade multi-directional shooter, with a modern twist.
Play Spectranoid Game


Category: Rhythm Games
Tags: Retro, Paddle, Balls, leaderboards, skill, upgrades
You've played this game before. Haven't you? - A new twist on the paddle and ball game. Start with 3 paddles and one...
Play Mirrored Maze 3 Game

Mirrored Maze 3

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: mirrored maze, mirrored, maze, mouse, avoider, skill, puzzle, level, editor
The new mouse avoider with a twist
Play Twin Warriors Game

Twin Warriors

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: memory, blocks, ancient, animal, warrior, twin, puzzle
classic memory blocks game , a little twisted
Play Phat Man Game

Phat Man

Category: Action Games
Tags: maze, action
Twisted version of Pac Man in which eating all those dots isn't all good...
Play Forget the Plan Game

Forget the Plan

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: balls, blocks, groups, double-click, destroy
A classic game of double-clicking on like groups of balls to get the most points possible. However, there's a twist: timer...
Play Square2Ball Game


Category: Adventure Games
Tags: play, styxtwo, twist, hard, game, wasd, mouse, levels, block, blocks, great, bonus, secrets, action
A puzle game for the best. Play through the 35 levels and become a master of puzzles!