Your search for Terror

Play Operation Chakravyuh Game

Operation Chakravyuh

Category: Shooting Games
Tags: Operation Chakravyuh, sniper, shooting game, shooter, flash shooter, commando.
Operation Chakravyuh : Mission Briefing. Terrorist groups have taken over the abandoned military barracks. They have posted ...
Play Bin Laden Blast Game

Bin Laden Blast

Category: Shooting Games
Tags: bin laden, osama bin laden, bin laden games, binladen games, political, politcal games, shooting games, gun games, shooting, skill, skill games
Bin Laden Blast is a fun and hilarious shooting gallery game featuring targets with Osama Bin Laden on them. Get ready to blas...
Play Shooter Rumble and Fear Game

Shooter Rumble and Fear

Category: Shooting Games
Tags: shooting, terrorist, subway, accuracy
The dirty armies are chasing you to the subway. You have unlimited bullets but be careful because those enemies have deadly wea...

Play Green Terror Game

Green Terror

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: physics, shooter, alien, cannon, puzzle, other
Shooter with realistic phisics and destruction effects.
Play Guns and Monocles Game

Guns and Monocles

Category: Action Games
Tags: Guns, Monocles, Terrorists, Shooter
Tile based 2D shooter, spanning over 50 levels and utilizing 10 different weapons. Control a lone English gentleman as he takes...
Play Police Fury Game

Police Fury

Category: Action Games
Tags: Terrorists, Fight, Shooting, Guns
Exterminate the terrorists in the target zone. Shoot the terrorists before they get you.
Play Prober Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: aliens, cows, dodge, probe, prober
Reports indicate that the bovine population of planet Earth are planning a terrorist attack on your home planet. You have been ...
Play TERROR Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: shooter, terror, terrorist, shooter free flash game
Kill all terrorists and protect the world from coming threat.
Play Taliban Wipeout Game

Taliban Wipeout

Category: Action Games
Tags: taliban, terrorists, pakistan
Talibans have overtaken the entire region. Its time to wipe them out from here and restore the peace. Beware as they are heavil...
Play Ultimate Force Game

Ultimate Force

Category: Action Games
Tags: shooting, first person shooter, shooter
A group of terrorists called Tigers have invaded a city. You are part of Ultimate Forces fighting against renegade. Your Missi...