Your search for Sushi

Play Sushi Castle Game

Sushi Castle

Category: Action Games
Tags: sushi, pachinko, peggle, castle, casual
Having wandered aimlessly the entire night you suddenly arrive at the Sushi Castle. Mmm... Sushi... But why are they so hard to...
Play Sushi no suki Game

Sushi no suki

Category: Action Games
Tags: sushi, restaurant, japan, food, ramen, noodle, roll, sashimi, sake
Do you like sushi? try to make one? this one on a sushi go round table restaurant, there will be noodle ramen and sake also ...
Play Treehouse of Magic Game

Treehouse of Magic

Category: Action Games
Tags: nov2009-contest, goplaysushi, climb, build, grow, calm, funny
Grow a tree and build a treehouse at the top. Highest wins! :)