Your search for Spike

Play Maverick Game


Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: platformer
Shoot your way across the screen while avoiding spikes, cactuses, and brutal gravity switches. Get through all 15 levels to vis...
Play 42 Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: game, platform, stars, collect, hop and bop, puzzle, collect
Collect exactly 42 stars to activate and enter portals. There are no enemies, conflict arises however when players' wrong d...
Play Flea Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: flea, jump, puzzle, coin, spikes, levels
Guide your tiny flea through tons of levels, avoiding spikes and picking up coins along the way!

Play Solaroid Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: platform, polaroid, solaroid, spikes, space, stars, unique, cute, arrow keys, easy
Help steer Solaroid away from danger in this simple to play but difficult to master action game. Drop or hover your way from pl...
Play 666 Leaguehitter Game

666 Leaguehitter

Category: Action Games
Tags: zombie, blood, hitting.
Humanity has fallen to evil now demons are hitting zombies with spiked bats to see how far they can smah skulls.
Play Flea 1.5 Game

Flea 1.5

Category: Action Games
Tags: flea, jump, coin, portal, spikes, spring, levels, platform, platformer
Guide your tiny flea through tons of levels, avoiding spikes and picking up coins along the way! If you like this game, make s...
Play Skeletal Jigsaw Game

Skeletal Jigsaw

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: jigsaw puzzle, skeletal
A jigsaw puzzle game showing a fully annotated Harold going for a big spike in beach volleyball.
Play Waterocket Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: space, puzzle, upgrades, waterrocket, waterocket, reflexes
Fly a rocket ship through 20+ levels of action-packed fun! Upgrades, spikes, gun turrets, water gems, fuel cans, spiffy backgro...
Play Polar Bear Cannon Game

Polar Bear Cannon

Category: Shooting Games
Tags: polar, bear, cannon, shoot, spikes, seal, mine
The idea is simple you have to fire a polar bear as far as you can get it, hit mines and seals to go further and avoid the spik...
Play Stair Battle (2 players allowed) Game

Stair Battle (2 players allowed)

Category: Action Games
Tags: battle, stair, fight, player, adventure, duel
A game which require quick reflex and some tactic to overcome the upcoming obstacles and the dangerous spikes ahead. The vs m...