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Play Electro Air Hockey Game

Electro Air Hockey

Category: Sports Games
Tags: Electro Air Hockey
Arcade style Air Hockey, 16 characters, special moves and more.
Play KungFu Special Trainer Game

KungFu Special Trainer

Category: Action Games
Kung Fu training using melons
Play Ponky Game


Category: Arcade Games
Ponky is a special car that can jump over any obstacle. However, jumping will slow it down a little

Play Celebrity Hitman Terrorist Alert Game

Celebrity Hitman Terrorist Alert

Category: Shooting Games
Choose your target(s) in this special shoot them up
Play Lightyear Alpha Game

Lightyear Alpha

Category: Arcade Games
Collect Energy residue by destroying enemy and gain special abilities
Play Etherena Beta Game

Etherena Beta

Category: Arcade Games
Unlock special moves and secret by completing the level; this is a fast pace 1 to 1 fighting game
Play Spy Hunter Game

Spy Hunter

Category: Shooting Games
A unique shooting game where you are a spy on your special Agent Car
Play Chicken Reader Game

Chicken Reader

Category: Retro Games
Tags: Chicken Reader
Let the chicken guess the number. He's smart, especially for a chicken.
Play Street Fighter Game

Street Fighter

Category: Retro Games
Tags: Street Fighter
A nice fighting game were you have special powers and fight like a ninja.