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Play Football lob master Game

Football lob master

Category: Action Games
Tags: soccer, football, world cup, champions league, uefa, fifa, free kick, header
Master the lob shot in this multi level football ( or soccer ) game. Go directly for the goal or pass to your teammate...
Play soccer referee Game

soccer referee

Category: Sports Games
Tags: soccer referee sport
In this game you are a referee and click on angry people,with red head.

Play Paul the Octopus Game

Paul the Octopus

Category: Board Games
Tags: animals, sport
You think you are smarter than Paul the octopus? Try to guess, which soccer team wins!
Play Simple Soccer Game

Simple Soccer

Category: Sports Games
Tags: Soccer, futbol, football, sports, world
Simple Soccer played with a mouse. Challenge the World on your way to victory!
Play Simple Soccer Mobile Game

Simple Soccer Mobile

Category: Sports Games
Tags: adobe2010, soccer, football
Simple Soccer played with your touchscreen. Challenge the World on your way to victory!
Play Bottons Attack Game

Bottons Attack

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: bottons sport soccer physics
Drag, Hit and Score! A simple soccer game to challenge your friends!
Play Soccer power shot Game

Soccer power shot

Category: Sports Games
Tags: soccer, throw, city, strategy, power, teen, sport, sports, football
The game is simple: you have to go far as possible using 5 shots. During the way you can find some help...but also a lot of o...
Play The Goal Saver 2010 Game

The Goal Saver 2010

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: football, soccer, sports, fifa, 2010, goal keeper
Being a goalie can be real fun :) Go ahead, experience it ! Save the "Goal" Easy to play using mouse clicks.
Play Vuvuzela Blaster Game

Vuvuzela Blaster

Category: Action Games
Tags: fire, shooter, games, skeet, vuvuzela, vuvuzelas, world, south, africa, football, soccer, championship, cool, person, best, mouse, games, quickgames, FIFA, world, stadium, sports
Vuvuzela Blaster - Tired of those vuvuzelas and the noise they cause and have caused during all of the FIFA world cup? Here is ...