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Play Sn4ke Game


Category: Other Games
Tags: snake, challenge, game, multi-task
This is a fun new adaptation of the popular game snake. In this version you control multiple snakes for added challenge.
Play Shift 2 Game

Shift 2

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: Shift, Trophy, Snakes
The sequel to the smash hit "SHIFT". All new levels and maybe even a real trophy this time, who knows? Mochi Scoreboa...
Play Frogs 'N Snakes Game

Frogs 'N Snakes

Category: Action Games
Tags: frog, frogger, pond, fish, snake, madness, cute, addicting, awesome, blablabla
Hop around the cute little frog pond to try and get the worldwide high score by eating flies while avoiding snakes!

Play Snakes 'n' Letters Game

Snakes 'n' Letters

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags:, word, puzzle, letters, snake, hamster, crystal, squid, crystal squid, word game, puzzle game, cartoon
Save Hammy from the marauding snakes in this fun word puzzler! Make words to damage the snakes before they reach the fat, ta...
Play aMaze Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: maze, puzzle, snakes, cube, aMaze
A nice little time waster where the object is to make it through the mazes as quickly and cleanly as possible without making to...
Play TetriSnake Game


Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: tetrisnake, tetri, snake, snaketris, tetris, combination, puzzle, blocks, rows, game.
TetriSnake is a combination of Tetris and Snake! Control the snakes into the bottom to fill up the rows and remove them. New ro...
Play Desktops Of The Future Game

Desktops Of The Future

Category: Other Games
Tags: Desktops Of The Future
Check out different kinds of desktops with amazing cursors, such as the Matrix, snakes, and others.
Play Chio Game


Category: Other Games
Guide all snakes out of the room
Play Anacondas Game


Category: Other Games
Find and collect orchids in the cave infested with snakes
Play Snakes Game


Category: Arcade Games
This is another version of the classic game Snake