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Play Rebus 2 Game

Rebus 2

Category: Education Games
Tags: 2play, rebus, puzzle, logic, pictogram, word, writing
Work your way through 30 new challenging rebus puzzles, can you rank in the top scores for time, tries, and levels completed. S...
Play Admiral Gobi Game

Admiral Gobi

Category: Action Games
Tags: navy, ship, sail, pirate, pirates, galleon, Caribbean, phone
An easy to play smartphone-friendly naval combat game set in the Age of Sail: Help Admiral Gobi defend your home from a pirate...
Play Redbeard's Treasure Game

Redbeard's Treasure

Category: Education Games
Tags: word, pirate, treasure, redbeard, professor, smart, words, game, mouse, professor mouse, word game
Take Redbeard's treasure by solving his riddles!

Play Tang Poems Game

Tang Poems

Category: Education Games
Tags: Learn Mandarin Chinese, Learn Mandarin, Learn Chinese, educational games
Match Chinese characters with their pinyin or with their meaning in this smart game to build your basic Chinese vocabulary. Thi...
Play Paul the Octopus Game

Paul the Octopus

Category: Board Games
Tags: animals, sport
You think you are smarter than Paul the octopus? Try to guess, which soccer team wins!
Play XLogical Game


Category: Board Games
Tags: logic, think, smart, xlogical
fill up the spinners with balls of the same color.
Play Test Your Sense of Time Game

Test Your Sense of Time

Category: Rhythm Games
Tags: time, sense, clock, test, gadget, fast, short, smart, rhythm
Test your sense of time in 20 seconds.
Play chinese chess in English Game

chinese chess in English

Category: Board Games
Tags: chinese chess, chess, xiangqi
chinese chess English version, you can play chinese chess game with smart AI. in this version you can retract a mistake step, ...
Play Suma Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: suma, zuma, puzzule, exootlab, exoot games
Survive the ancient temples of Suma, the critically acclaimed action-puzzler! Deep in the jungle lie hidden temples bursting wi...
Play Puzzlenauts-v1 Game


Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: ball, catapult, puzzle, launch, smart
See how much higher you can catapult the ball.