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Play Perfect Balance Game

Perfect Balance

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: drop, blocks, balance, tetris, bricks, puzzle
Rotate and stack shapes, and try to achieve perfect balance in this physics puzzle! Can you master the game's 80 trials?
Play Flower Action Puzzle Game

Flower Action Puzzle

Category: Board Games
Tags: Action Puzzle, Action Puzzles, Puzzle, Puzzles
Remove the flowers by placing 3 or more flowers of the same color next to each other. Flowers can be placed in lines and/or L s...
Play Push Cannon Game

Push Cannon

Category: Shooting Games
Tags: push, shooter, retro
In this game, you must avoid the various types of shapes while trying to use your shot to bump these shapes into the four fang...

Play Perfect Balance: Playground Game

Perfect Balance: Playground

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: perfect, balance, drop, puzzle, bricks, stack, shapes, physics, tetris, ttursas, eltopo
40 easy balance physics puzzles for ages 4+. For all who find the other Perfect Balance games too difficult.
Play Brick Yard 2 Game

Brick Yard 2

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: brick yard, brick, stack, physics, puzzle, ttursas, girl
Stack physics bricks in 12 different modes, unlock new shapes and disasters, and rise your tower to the sky!
Play Gemnastics Game


Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: gems, jewel, matching, puzzle, game, jeweled, logic, spacial, patterns
A gem matching game where you move shapes around the board and can change their shape and color.
Play Geometric Avalanche Game

Geometric Avalanche

Category: Action Games
Tags: Flying, Space, Survival, Fast, Fast Paced, Flying, Colorful, Shape Dodge, Geometric, Avalanche, Geometric Avalanche
Geometric Avalanche is a fast paced survival game where you control a small space ship and must avoid the falling shapes. The ...
Play Cover Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: space shooter, shooter, cover, barriers, space
Defeat wave after wave of invading alien ships while dodging frantically between barriers of various shapes and sizes, some sta...
Play Avoidance 135 Game

Avoidance 135

Category: Action Games
Tags: avoider mouse move maze game
Simple, avoid the shapes and score as high as possible
Play AtomZ Game


Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: Puzzle, matching, speed, minimal, shapes, colors, logic
In this puzzle game the player links moving symbols (thr atomz) by matching shape or color, before they go out of the s...