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Play Tutankhamun Jigsaw Game Game

Tutankhamun Jigsaw Game

Category: Jigsaw Games
Tags: tutankhamun, free jigsaws online
Recreate the picture of the Tutankhamun sarcophagus using jigsaw pieces.
Play Impale Game


Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: zombie, physics, ragdoll, blood, meat
Get fun in killing zombies by sharp spikes, saws and other traps
Play Monday Morning TV Game

Monday Morning TV

Category: Action Games
Tags: Platformer, Monday, Morning, Teleporter, Saws, Spikes, Crazy, Pixel, Pixelated, Platform, Jump, Hard, Annoying
In this episode we have a regular platformer, get to the teleporter as fast as possible and without dying, evading saws a spikes!

Play B-Ball Hoops Moving Jigsaw Game

B-Ball Hoops Moving Jigsaw

Category: Jigsaw Games
Tags: Video, moving jigsaw, moving jigsaws, jigsaw puzzles
Play some hoops with this jigsaw basketball game!
Play Mr. Blu Game

Mr. Blu

Category: Action Games
Tags: avoid, kids, mr blu, survive, saws
Step into the shoes of Mr. Blu and survive the raining saws for as long as possible.