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Play Gold RUSH! Game

Gold RUSH!

Category: Action Games
Tags: Gold RUSH!, Gold, Rush, Chase, Cave
A wall of fiery death is right behind you! But you can't just leave all that gold behind!
Play Rapid Rush Game

Rapid Rush

Category: Rhythm Games
Tags: rapid, rush, collect
How many points can you collect before it's to late?
Play Space Rush - Tappi Bear Game

Space Rush - Tappi Bear

Category: Racing Games
Tags: taplay, tappi, bear, tappibear, space, rush, adobe2010
Tappi Bear, prepare your ejector and jump into the meteorite space! Yes Sir!! How far can you reach? How many donuts can y...

Play Crusher Game


Category: Adventure Games
Tags: Crusher, dkgamedesign, game, arcade
Jump over blocks and mines and avoid being flattened by the Crusher.
Play Operation Hurt Game

Operation Hurt

Category: Strategy Games
Tags: operation, hurt, finaluzi, box2d
Physics-based game with 10 modes to hit, crush the orange head doll. Every try is about 10 seconds, but need hours to find out ...
Play What Luck! Game

What Luck!

Category: Puzzle Games
WHAT LUCK! Mr Mustachio has fallen in to Crusher. Dodge the pistons as long as you can.
Play Snakelock Game


Category: Adventure Games
Tags: driving rush im on a timer oh noes what do i do
You must exit your ship because snakes are on board! Try to exit as fast you can, because the ship is slowly flooding.
Play Grape Crush Game

Grape Crush

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: grape, crush, bite, teeth, hide, dodge, avoid, mouth, opening, tooth, action, puzzle, sugar, toast, sugartoast,
Find a safe spot where you won't get crushed!
Play Crab Arena Game

Crab Arena

Category: Action Games
Tags: crab, arena, arcade, island, jump
Jump n' stomp! Crush as many crabs as you can.
Play City Traffic Game

City Traffic

Category: Strategy Games
Tags: city, traffic, accidents, avoid
The computer system of the city traffic lights went down for this morning and the cars are arriving with the students for schoo...