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Play Reality Property Management Game

Reality Property Management

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: spil-contest, Spil, spil, property, management, reality, house, store, office, strategy, money, hardware, real-estate, real, estate, finance
You have finally decided to start your very own property management company in a small but growing town. Build houses and keep ...
Play Propellers Game


Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: action, adventure, arcade, propellers, propeller, mouse, spin the black circle, skill, puzzle, hard, cool
Managing your mouse, you need to bring the red ball to the golden square, with no cutout in the wall and other obstacles. This ...
Play Jigsaw: Tools Game

Jigsaw: Tools

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: tool, tools, hammer, nail, build, propeller, jigsaw, puzzle
Here you have the tools to almost anything.

Play Jigsaw: Boat Rope Game

Jigsaw: Boat Rope

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: boat, rope, pier, wharf, jigsaw, puzzle
This is how you tie up a boat properly!
Play Exact Change: Euros! Game

Exact Change: Euros!

Category: Action Games
Tags: coins collect puzzle euros Europe European Union Exact Change
Euros! Collect loads and loads of Euro coins! This game is a Euro coin version of the popular game Exact Change.
Play Next Dot : Europe Game

Next Dot : Europe

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: connect dots countries Europe puzzle explore
Connect the dots to explore Europe.
Play Headshire Throw Game

Headshire Throw

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: Headshire, bubbles, puzzle
Play as a governor of Headshire and make it a perfect town. Launch resources into their matching symbols in this kingdom-buil...
Play The Elephant Game Game

The Elephant Game

Category: Action Games
Tags: jump, elephant;yeti, penguin, distance, jump, water, rope, eole
Throw Leonardo the Elephant as far and high as you can. Swing the ballon with the fan and click the mouse to detach the rope. ...
Play Deadly Balance Game

Deadly Balance

Category: Action Games
Tags: time, rope, deadly, balance, skill, speed, mouse.
Try keeping your balance in this deadly challenge.
Play Destacker Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: physics, arcade, stack
Control a charater on a bungee rope and prevent warehouse from overflowing in this fun physics game!