Your search for Rescue

Play Chile Miner Rescue Game

Chile Miner Rescue

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: Chile, rescue, miner, puzzle, pipe
Use your mouse to build a way for rescuing the trapped Chilean miners.
Play Mountain Rescue Driver (chinese version) Game

Mountain Rescue Driver (chinese version)

Category: Adventure Games
Tags: drive, injured, medical, fast, solve, path, level, tracked, vehicle, chinese, version
You have to drive injured man to the medical center as fast as you can. That' ll not be easy and you have to "solve...
Play Rescue Rabbits Game

Rescue Rabbits

Category: Action Games
Tags: rabbit, balloon, funny, children
Rescue rabbits with bubble shooter gun

Play Robbie To The Rescue Game

Robbie To The Rescue

Category: Adventure Games
Tags: santa, christmas, elves, rudolph
Help Robbie rescue Santa's elves
Play Super Angelo Game

Super Angelo

Category: Adventure Games
Tags: platformer, platform, mario, side scroller, jump&run, retro, Wiering
Super Angelo is a platform game in the style of Mario. Run and jump through levels, collect power ups, destroy enemies and resc...
Play Canary Rescue Game

Canary Rescue

Category: Adventure Games
Tags: olltwit, canary, platform, fart
Evil zombies from the planet Oozalot have arrived on planet earth. Before they take over the World they first must defend thems...
Play Flower Rescue Game

Flower Rescue

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: puzzles games, free games, online games.
The flowers in the garden are suffered from drought. Please rescue them by connecting the hoses and water them as quickly as po...
Play Asteroids & Astronauts Game

Asteroids & Astronauts

Category: Action Games
Tags: space, asteroids, asteroid, astronaut, space ship, shooter, space shooter, moon, earth, galaxy
Rescue astronauts drifting in space! Shoot and destroy asteroids and beware of hostile enemy units.
Play Father Emperor Game

Father Emperor

Category: Adventure Games
Tags: father, emperor, action, maze, king, rescue, retro, kids
Help the Emperor rescue his 4 daughters as quickly as you can. The goal is the save all 4 daughters in the quickest time
Play Wild Pixel West Game

Wild Pixel West

Category: Action Games
Tags: pixel, western, sheriff, retro, arcade, cowboy, shooting
It's a busy day for the sheriff: bad guys to catch, stolen gold to collect. Oh, and your girlfriend has been kidnapped. Res...