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Play Red ball survival Game

Red ball survival

Category: Action Games
Tags: ball, survival, mouse, avoid, avoider, replicating
You need to avoid the red balls with your mouse as long as you can, you need concentration. This is ArcadeWax first game, Enjoy!
Play Rapid Replica Game

Rapid Replica

Category: Puzzle Games
Tags: Match, Find, Replicate, action
Rapid Replica, 60 levels of matching Fun! You'll need quick thinking and quick eyes to find the replica's! The Ima...
Play Stargate - Time to Sacrifice Game

Stargate - Time to Sacrifice

Category: Action Games
Tags: Stargate, time, sacrifice, shoot, shot, action, fast, weapon, jump
Play as a soldier from Stargate SG1 and destroy all the replicators on the enemy ship. You are on a Goa'uld Ha'tak s...

Play RepliCat Game


Category: Action Games
Tags: time, space, hyperjump, ship, galaxy, time4cat, replica, replicat, past, future, scifi, science, avoid, avoiding, skill, stars, addictive, addicting, highscore, leaderboard, bonus, powerup, level, levels, story, mindless
Avoid your past with your space ship while Time and Space are linked together!